How to Beat the Mad Pumpkin Head – Elden Ring Boss Guide

  • Rewards: Access to the back room with Sorceress Sellen.
  • Summons Available: Yes

One thing you will see straight away is the giant Pumpkin Helm on the boss’s head. Attacking his head will do little to no damage, but the rest of his massive body is fair game. As a melee character, you will want to turn around the boss’s left side, as his right hand is carrying a flail, which will give you slightly more time to dodge away from its first swing. The rest is mostly running/rolling around the boss, and attacking whenever you can. One attack in particular leaves him vulnerable: the head slam. If you dodge this attack while rolling towards the boss’s side, you will be able to get several hits in, as he’s slow to recover after his combos.

If you’re a magic user, just use a summon and throw spells until he’s dead. If things go wrong and your summon is dead while the boss isn’t, you can play it the same way as a melee character would, and just replace the melee attacks with spell casts.

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