Asta Black Clover Build (Strength/Arcane) – Elden Ring

Born an orphan with a tragic backstory, Asta from the show Black Clover aspires to become the next Wizard King. Cutting through magic users and foes alike, he’s proven his power in battle with his “anti-magic”. In this guide, we’ll provide a comprehensive path to make you stand out as the ultimate Elden Lord.

We suggest basing the Asta Black Clover build off the Hero. However, you can use any other class and adjust the stats accordingly. Though, keep in mind that each class begins with stats that cannot go lower than their starting value.

Asta has obtained a ferocious arsenal over his journey, many deserving of their own guide. The idea is to maximize the damage output through these swords’ high arcane scaling. Firstly we have our substitute for Asta’s Demon Destroyer blade, with the Watchdog’s Greatsword paired with Bloodflame Blade. Secondly, we’ll be substituting his Demon Dweller sword with Marais Executioner’s Sword. Lastly, Asta’s signature Demon Slayer sword will be substituted with Maliketh’s Black Blade, seeing as it has similar properties to it’s anime counterpart.

This build is for PvE, and is tailored to level 100 with a high Strength/Arcane priority. If you’re worried about taking damage, you can reduce the Strength and Arcane stats in exchange for more Vigor. You’ll need 34 Strength and 23 Arcane at a minimum to use the equipment listed below, however.

Stat Priority

  • Strength
  • Arcane
  • Vigor
  • Faith
  • Mind
  • Endurance
  • Dexterity
  • Intelligence

Level 100 Stat Spread

  • Strength – 34
  • Arcane – 23
  • Vigor – 60
  • Faith – 20
  • Mind – 9
  • Endurance – 12
  • Dexterity – 14
  • Intelligence – 7

  • Maliketh’s Black Blade
    • This weapon has a similar ability to Asta’s Demon Slayer sword. The weapon has the ability to deal extra damage over time, on top of disabling healing over time abilities. This paired with a high strength stack will serve our build well. The extra damage will be displayed as an addittional grey damage bar.
  • Marais Executioner’s Sword
    • This weapons ability throws it in front of the user dealing arcane damage, returning to the caster and preforming a follow-up slash.
  • Dragon Communion Seal
    • The incantation used in this build is apart of the Dragon Communion archetype, so this seal is the best to boost damage. On top of that, flame incantations scale with faith.

  • Godfrey Icon
    • This will raise the potency of our incantations and charged skills.
  • Carian Filigreed Crest
    • To compensate for our lower mind, this seal will help lower the FP cost of our incantations and skills.
  • Great-Jar’s Arsenal
    • WIth these three weapons, we’ll be caring a lot of weight. It’s best to use this talisman to maximize carrying capacity.

This build is centered around mid-ranged combat, with the weapon arts best being used up close. Equip all three blades as your right-handed armament, with the seal being in the left hand. It’s important to position yourself correctly, especially since two of our weapons are colossal and slow: put yourself off center from the boss, and wait for them to finish their attack pattern before striking.

The weapon that should be used the most in this build will depend on which enemies you’re fighting. Destined Death (The Black Blade’s weapon art) is particularly effective against Undead enemies, which you’ll encounter in places like Caelid and the various catacombs.

  1. Start by using Maliketh’s Black Blade’s weapon art to clear out their numbers. Anyone close enough will take significant damage.
  2. Switch to the Watchdog’s Greatsword and cast Bloodflame Blade. Attack the remaining enemies that are grouped up.

  1. Start the boss encounter by Using Maliketh’s Black Blade weapon art, this will start damaging the boss over a short time period.
  2. Next, use Marais Executioner’s Sword to deal some damage at a mid-ranged distance. Casting the weapon art enough can quickly stun the boss.
  3. Finally, wait for openings, this build is mostly mid-ranged, so mistakes can be made by getting too close.

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thank you very much for these articles they are very clear and exhaustive.