How to Beat the Night’s Cavalry Boss – Elden Ring

Found only at night throughout the Lands Between, the Night’s Cavalry boss fights are all optional, and the rewards vary from just a few thousand runes to unique weapons and Ashes of War.

These fights are actually fairly easy, assuming you have Torrent. If you somehow managed to stumble onto a Night’s Cavalry without first acquiring your Spectral Steed, go rest at the Gatefront site of grace in Limgrave before attempting to defeat this boss.


Note: There’s one important exception to the below strategy: When facing the Night’s Cavalry with the flail, he will sometimes start spinning the flail — you cannot charge past while the boss is spinning its weapon. Instead, circle counter-clockwise and wait for this attack to stop.

The strategy for defeating these guys is a little counter-intuitive, but incredibly easy to implement. All you have to do is make some distance, then ride directly at the boss, passing them on the left (their right, the side the weapon is on). If done correctly, you should be able to land an attack, and the Night’s Cavalry’s attack should miss.

nights cavalry boss strategy gif elden ring

The trick is to tap the dash button as you approach to make Torrent sprint, and to make sure you’re literally as close as you can be to the boss when you pass it. The only real challenges here are positioning your horse so that you can charge straight at the boss, and timing your weapon swing.

With this strategy, you’ll often hit the horse instead of the boss, but that’s OK. When the horse goes down, the boss will fall to the ground and be vulnerable for a decent chunk of time — ride next to him and swing your weapon until he gets up completely. You can try to dodge in and out of range and fight him on foot, but it’s usually easier to just let him resummon his horse and resume the fight on horseback. Don’t stand near him once he holds his weapon out in front of him vertically — he’s about to do an AOE magical attack while he summons his horse.

Sometimes, the boss will do a leaping attack rather than charging towards you, especially if you aren’t able to make enough distance to turn and face his charge. To prevent this attack from damaging you, always turn in a circle to your left (counter-clockwise) after passing the boss. If you’re close enough when the boss misses, you can sometimes ride at him and get some damage in. However, he often retaliates by having his horse bump into you, so you’ll probably take some trade damage when trying this.

nights cavalry boss dodge gif elden ring

If you’re a ranged character, this fight is even easier. Simply ride in a circle, always going left, and cast your spells until the poor boss has had enough. Make sure you tap the sprint button as the boss begins an attack to ensure that it misses you.

We hope this guide was helpful! If you have any questions, suggestions, or if you’ve discovered other Night’s Cavalry and want to let us know the location and rewards, you can do so in the comments!

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