How to Beat Ancient Dragon Lansseax – Elden Ring Boss Guide

Found at the top of a lightning-blasted hill on the Altus Plateau, this dragon is significantly different from most of the others you fight in the Lands Between. While it has lots of high-damage abilities, its AI isn’t very good, and with proper technique, this fight isn’t too tough. In this guide, we’ll give you a simple strategy for defeating Lansseax, the Ancient Dragon.

  • Lansseax only shows up at noon, so pass time until noon at the site of grace before trying to get him to spawn.
  • Don’t stay under Lansseax for too long — he’s got lots of AOE spells that can kill Torrent (and then you).
  • Latenna is a good choice for this fight, since she can constantly DPS while you keep Lansseax busy.
  • If the fight is taking too long because your weapon doesn’t do enough damage, consider using some Dragonwound Grease (but you should also go upgrade your weapon!).
  • In the same vein, if you find yourself getting 1-shot by his attacks, consider coming back later when you’ve leveled up and have more HP.

As you approach Lansseax’s spawn, you’ll see the summoning icon activate — summon Latenna (or the summon of your choice) before going further up the hill. At the start of the fight, Lansseax will land and then cast lightning around himself — you can try to sneak in and get some damage in if you pay attention to where the ground is lit up, but you can also just wait for this attack to end before moving in to attack.

In this strategy, we aren’t going to go over all of Lansseax’s moves, because none of them are going to ever hit us except for his Glaive attack (which we’ll cover a little later). Instead, we’re going to focus on following a specific rhythm in combat. Basically, you’re going to spend the whole fight riding between Lanseaxx’s front legs and attacking his belly and back legs (and his tail if you can manage it), then riding past him (out of range of his attacks) and turning around — you can then repeat this over and over.

lansseax stategy elden ring gif

Don’t ride under his legs if he hasn’t turned around yet — ideally, wait for a second to make sure he’s fully facing you, and then ride towards him, tapping the sprint button as you approach to avoid any of his quicker attacks

The only danger with this strategy is that sometimes, Lansseax will fly away from you and then cast his Glaive spell. If you aren’t pretty close to him when this attack starts, you’ll need to quickly ride away from him (rather than riding through his legs like usual. You’ll also need to jump to avoid the follow-up red lightning that will come towards you on the ground. If you’re close, he’ll jump back while casting this, so you have to be a lot closer than you might think. Don’t be this guy:

lansseax glaive elden ring gif 2

Lansseax will also sometimes breathe fire, but he doesn’t hop backwards when he begins the attack, so if you’re following the strategy you should easily make it behind him before the flames arrive. Every once and awhile he’ll cast flames while flying, in which case you can respond like with the Glaive and ride away from him.

That’s all there is to it! You may still die a few times getting the rhythm down because Lansseax hits pretty hard, but once you get comfortable looping through his legs you’ll be surprised how easy this fight can be.

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