How to Beat Demi-Human Queen Gilika – Elden Ring Boss Guide

Found beneath the Lux Ruins on the Altus Plateau, this boss fights a lot like her demi-human subjects — lots of roaring, some slow attacks, and a few quick ones as well. She can be intimidating, but we’ve got an easy strategy to make this fight simple.

  • Using a shield and walking towards the boss will allow you to block or avoid all damage.
  • You can walk through the boss’s legs while she’s standing up, allowing you to avoid the Slam and the Grab.

You’ll want to use a 100% Physical Defense shield like the Great Turtle Shell or Beast Crest Heater for this fight — the Demi-Human Queen has a few very fast attacks that are difficult to dodge on reaction, and they don’t have much windup. Fortunately, as long as you have at least 13 stamina, you should be able to block every attack/combo without being staggered, and she has no long combos. You can even block her Grab, which usually isn’t the case for grab attacks.

When the fight starts, immediately summon your favorite spirit, then start attacking the boss. She takes a little while to stand up, and seems to always do her Roar as her first attack.

The strategy here is the same for melee and ranged characters: Have your shield equipped, and hold block while walking towards the boss. Many attacks will miss as you move towards her — when one of the boss’s attacks misses, you can then attack once or twice. Some attacks will hit your shield — let go of the block button once the attack finishes (to let your stamina recover), and then hold block while moving towards her once again.

Don’t try to attack after blocking an attack, since you’ll need to recover your stamina instead. Instead, only attack after one of the boss’s attacks misses you and you’ve got full stamina. If your stamina is low and the boss is about to attack, you can try to roll instead — but you should have plenty of time between her combos to recover your stamina as long as you’re letting go of the block button after each combo.

You might find yourself underneath her a lot of the time using this strategy — which is fine as long as you’re comfortable with the camera being weird. If it’s too difficult for you to follow the strategy while directly underneath her, just back off while holding block, and then move back towards her again.

  • Roar – The boss roars. This doesn’t seem to do anything, and is a great opportunity to attack.
  • Scepter Toss – The boss throws her scepter at you. This only happens once, usually near the beginning of the fight.
  • Claw Slash/Slam – Gilika quickly raises her right hand and slashes diagonally downard at her target, bringing her hand across her body — she then quickly slams it back down. Sometimes, only the slash is performed.
  • Slash/Slam Combo – Gilika slashes with her left hand, then her right, and after a delay, slams her left hand to to the ground. She then slashes with the grounded hand, and finally slams both hands into the ground.
  • Slam – Gilika raises both hand as she clenches them into fists, then slams her hands down onto the ground. You can walk through her legs during this attack and then start attacking her.
  • Bite – Gilika quickly bites her target.
  • Shoulder Strike – The boss thrusts herself towards her target and into the ground, doing a sort of shoulder strike.
  • Triple Head Slams – The boss slams her head rapidly three times into the ground — this is the one attack that may be able to break your guard, but if you’re moving towards her they shouldn’t all hit you.
  • Grab – The boss slowly rises on her back legs and raises her right hand with its fingers spread wide — she then slams her hand down and tries to grab her target — she’ll nibble on you for a while if this lands, but you can mash inputs to get out quicker.

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