How to Beat the Beastman of Farum Azula – Elden Ring Boss Guide

This boss has several lunge attacks, and all of them are easily avoidable by either running backwards, or rolling backwards. A more dangerous one will be a six attack combo, with the last hit being a downward slam. While you encounter the Beastman of Farum Azula Duo boss later on in the game, the strategy remains very similar.

Depending on your weapon, you have several options:

  • If you use a greatsword, even one handed swings will stagger the boss.
  • When using a regular sword or axe, hold your weapon with both hands and use jump attacks to stagger the boss. You may be able to chain several jump attacks in a row and continuously stagger the boss.
  • If you use ranged attacks, wait for the boss to initiate an attack, run out of range and attack the boss once. Rince and repeat.

The six attack combo and the lunge followed by a low swipe both will leave the boss open for counter-attacks and a backstab. You can try to bait these by standing further away from the boss, and then either repeatedly staggering him, or backstabbing him. Run out when you’re out of stamina, and repeat until he’s dead.
If you’re having trouble, summons are available for this encounter. Even the Lone Wolf Ashes are enough to repeatedly stagger this boss.

In the Dragonbarrow Cave dungeon found in Caelid, you will encounter this boss once again. This time, on top of the one you fought in Limgrave, you will also have to deal with a beastman equipped with throwing knives. While it may sound complicated, using summons will make this encounter as easy as fighting the melee one by itself.

As you jump down to the boss room, the beastman with the greatsword with be busy having a snack and the one with the throwing knives will be patrolling around the room. Use your summon and crouch to the bushes to the right of the room.

beastman of farum azula duo sneaking elden ring

Wait in that bush until the beastmen notice your summon, at which point you’ll be able to focus on the ranged boss all while the melee beastman is distracted by your spectral friends. The beastman with the throwing knives is easy to stagger and won’t be much of a threat, so take him out first, and then deal with the one with the greatsword the exact same way as you did in Limgrave.

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