groveside cave entrance elden ring
Game: Elden Ring
Content Type: Gaming Guides

Limgrave’s Groveside Cave is likely the first dungeon you’ll enter in Elden Ring, and it’s a short one. It’s got a unique boss fight and some useful loot, and is a nice easy introduction to the game’s dungeon format.

Unique Rewards:

Remember to grab the site of lost grace at the entrance of the cave, and then proceed further inside. You will reach a room with a small camp that has been taken over by a pack of wolves. Here you can either fight them head-on, or use ranged weapons to thin the pack before engaging in melee combat.

Inside the camp, loot the corpse containing a Cracked Pot. If you head through the camp, you will come across a puddle with two more wolves, who guard a number of consumables.

If you continue northeast through the cave, you will reach the Beastman of Farum Azula boss fight.

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