How to Beat Omenkiller & Miranda the Blighted Bloom – Elden Ring Boss Guide

Found at the end of the Perfumer’s Grotto on the Altus Plateau, this duo boss isn’t particularly challenging — mostly because one of them is a big flower that can’t move. In this guide, we’ll give a specific strategy for defeating the Omenkiller and his flowery friend Miranda.

This fight is easy for two reasons: the Omenkiller has a very limited moveset, and the flower Miranda can’t move. Fight the Omenkiller on the side of the room that’s away from Miranda, and roll out of the way if you see sparkling white lights start floating up from the ground — that’s Miranda’s only attack that can hurt you while you’re not standing next to her.

As for dealing with the Omenkiller, simply roll backwards twice when you see the Flame Spew or the Crossed Slashes, and roll diagonally past Omenkiller during the Double/Triple Slash and Triple Slam (you may need to roll multiple times, depending on how well he tracks you). The strategy works the same for melee and ranged characters, since you’ll have to be in fairly close proximity to Omenkiller the whole time thanks to the gap-closing ability of the Triple Slam.

There are windows to get attacks off at the end of every one of the Omenkiller’s combos, and the Flame Spew is a good opportunity for ranged characters to get some extra damage in as well. Melee characters with heavy weapons can also two-hand their weapon and stagger the boss with leaping heavy attacks, allowing them to play more aggressively.

Once the Omenkiller is down, Miranda is a free kill — if you have enough healing left, you can ignore her poison cloud, and only worry about avoiding the magic beams (that appear after the glowing white lights rise from the ground).

  • Flame Spew – Omenkiller takes a few steps backwards and sprays flame in an arc in front of him. If you’re caught too close — but not close enough to roll behind the boss — it’s pretty tough to avoid
  • Crossed Slashes – Omenkiller crosses their cleavers to form an X, then turns their body, slashing with one cleaver and then the other in quick succession.
  • Double/Triple Slash- Omenkiller slashes with their right, and then their left cleaver. Sometimes, they do a third slash with the right cleaver.
  • Triple Slam – Omenkiller leaps forward with both cleavers held high, then slams them into the ground. He repeats this twice more, for a total of three slams.

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