How to Beat Ancient Hero of Zamor – Elden Ring

This optional boss is found in an Evergaol boss in Weeping Peninsula, and in Hero’s Graves in both Altus and the Mountaintops of the Giants.

  • This boss’s circular/spinning attacks are easier to dodge by sticking closer to the boss, and rolling into them during the attack.
  • Jumping heavy attacks quickly break the boss’s stance.

As the general tips mention, most of this boss’s attacks are easier to dodge by sticking close to the boss.

ancient hero zamor close gif elden ring

Other than that, prioritizing heavy jumping attacks will allow you to quickly break the boss’s stance, which will give you an opportunity to deal heavy damage to the boss. This approach to the fight is further enhanced by a heavier weapon such as a greatsword, as heavy jumping attacks will then stagger the boss and make this encounter much easier.

You can of course try to dodge most of this boss’s attacks while getting a hit or two in-between, but this will force you to rely on learning the boss’s moveset to get your dodge timings right.

Lastly, whenever you see the boss gathering frost in its hand, create some distance as both the Frost Breath and Frost Tempest will be easier to dodge if you’re slightly away from the boss.

While the boss is over ~60% health, the boss will be walking slowly if you are at range. This will give you ample room to cast a spell or two before dodging away, and repeating this process until the boss transitions to Phase 2.

In Phase 2 however, the boss will be quicker to react, which might make it difficult to use your spells. There are however 2 small windows for you to punish the boss:

  • Frost Breath: When the boss uses its Frost Breath attack, jump over it sideways, and you will have a small window to counter attack
hero of zamor frost breath elden ring
  • Frost Tempest: When you see the boss preparing to use this attack, get to a safe distance and start casting a spell as fast as possible.
hero of zamor frost tempest elden ring gif

With the small number of openings to cast spells during this encounter, it may be easier to throw as many spells as possible during Phase 1, and swap to the melee strategy for the rest of Phase 2, while waiting for openings to get rid of the last reserves of FP that you may still have.

  • Spinning Strikes: The boss spins twice on itself while holding their weapon out.
  • Running Spin: The boss runs a short distance before doing a small hop forward and spinning twice. Has an additional spin in Phase 2.
  • Turning Swipe: While turning to face you, the boss spins its weapon around.
  • Frost Breath: After a small delay, the boss breathes forward a cone of frost along the ground.
  • Reverse Swipe: Straightforward attack in front of the boss, can be followed up by a jump backwards. Followed up by another swipe in Phase 2.
  • Frost Shockwave: Small area of effect attack around the boss, knocks you back and causes frost build-up.
  • Running Leap: The boss runs a short distance and leaps towards the player while swinging its sword horizontally.
  • Reverse Swipe Into Charge: Reverse swipe followed by a charge forward, leaving a trail of frost along the ground.
  • Leaping Slam: The boss jumps forward and slams the ground using their weapon.
  • Frost Tempest: After a small delay, the boss creates an area inflicting continuous frost damage.
  • Frost Pillar: After using a horizontal swipe, the boss plunges its sword in the ground, before releasing a frost attack inflicting continuous damage and knocking up the player.
  • Leap Into Jump Back: After leaping forward and attacking, the boss jumps backwards.

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2 years ago

You can’t use summonings in this fight. At least, I haven’t been able to.