How to Beat the Stonedigger Troll – Elden Ring Boss Guide

The Stonedigger Troll is the boss in two locations: Limgrave Tunnels dungeon in Limgrave, and Old Altus Tunnel in Altus Peninsula. While the boss itself isn’t particularly fast, most of his attacks will affect a wide area.

Melee Strategy

Similarly to the enemies throughout Limgrave Tunnels, make sure to hold your weapon with both hands to avoid being staggered after each hit. Additionally, since you won’t have a big window to attack the boss, you can opt to use jumping attacks that deal higher damage than regular attacks and inflict more posture damage, but you can just hit the boss the way you normally would.

The main thing here will be to identify the kind of slam attack the boss is initiating. While the Slow Slam will be easy to dodge and leaves him vulnerable, the Repeated Slams do not. To tell them apart, the Slow Slam begins after the boss brings the club up, straight in front of him, while the Repeated Slams come after he brings it up sideways.

Wait for the Slow Slam or the Stomp Into Swipe to go in to attack the boss. Keep in mind that the Stomp Into Swipe can be followed by a slam, for which the boss will turn around to face you. Make sure to dodge the shockwaves that come after each slam, and this boss shouldn’t take long before falling over. Jumping attacks may lead the boss to fall forward, which will give you the possibility to initiate a critical attack around his head. If you decide to use summons, it’s recommended to use the Wandering Noble Ashes or similar ranged casters, as the boss will turn around to face them every time they land an attack. If you try to use the Lone Wolf Ashes or other summons with multiple creatures, they will prompt the boss to do a lot of slams and stomps, which will make it harder to deal damage in melee.

Ranged Strategy

In general, the way you approach this fight will be somewhat similar. You don’t want to stay far away from the boss most of the time, as his slam attacks are much harder to avoid if you’re standing further in front of the boss. The times where you can really unleash your ranged attacks will be when you create some distance between you and the boss.

To do so, the Repeated Slams is the best opportunity to create enough distance, to then be able to throw 2-3 spells. Additionally, using a summon such as Lone Wolf Ashes will allow you to repeatedly attack the boss while he’s distracted by your ghostly friends.


  • Quick Stomp: The quickest attack the boss has. The stomp comes very fast and leaves you very little time to react. The boss won’t use it if you’re standing behind him, and can be dodged with a well-timed dodge roll.
  • Stomp Into Swipe: This stomp is much slower, but is followed by one or two low swipes, and a finishing slam. Best avoided by rolling through the boss during the stomp, as the follow-up attacks are much more difficult to avoid.
  • Hand Swipe: Just a slow swiping attack, avoidable by rolling through the boss, or away from him.
  • Reverse Swipe: Swipe with the hand, but this one goes backwards. Avoid it by dodging away from the boss.
  • Slow Slam: Slam attack covering a wide area. The boss will slowly lift his club in front of him, before bringing it down, which gives you ample opportunity to run or dodge through the boss. Do note however that this attack has a wide area of effect, and depending on the distance, you may need to dodge the shockwave.
  • Repeated Slams: Same as the slow one, but it’s a flurry of slams instead, all while the boss is walking forward. To tell the slams apart, this one will begin by the boss bringing his club sideways. To dodge this one, run or roll through the boss, and keep running away from him while staying behind him, in order to avoid the rest of the slams and shockwaves.

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1 year ago

Very sad. Killed the boss, got the medallion, but it did not drop the club.  😢 

Reply to  Swedjin
1 year ago

Ahh, now I understand. The club comes from a diff boss.