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Spirit Ashes

Game: Elden Ring

Used to summon spirit allies who will fight alongside you until they are defeated. Only available when a summoning monument is nearby, and unavailable in multiplayer.

Spirit Ashes are used to summon spirits that can fight alongside you. Although they tend to do significantly less damage than the player, their ability to distract enemies — especially bosses — makes them invaluable, especially for ranged and magic-using characters.

In order to use Spirit Ashes, you must first receive the Spirit Calling Bell from Ranni. She appears at night at the Third Church of Marika site of grace in Limgrave, once you’ve already received the Spectral Steed Whistle. You can then use any Spirit Ashes you find. Note that they can be placed in a Tools slot in the Equipment menu, and can also be placed in the Pouch.

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Using Spirit Ashes usually has an FP cost, although a handful of Spirit Ashes cost HP to summon them instead. It’s important to remember that you can only use Spirit Ashes when near a monument that allows summoning. When Spirit Summoning is available, there will be a blue icon on the left side of your screen (see image on right). You also cannot summon spirits when you’re in multiplayer.

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