How to Beat the Kindred of Rot Duo – Elden Ring Boss Guide

Rewards: Kindred of Rot’s Exultation, rune v2 elden ring currency 10000
Summons Available: Yes

If you have been to Caelid already, this boss will be nothing new. If not, this relatively simple boss has all of the weaknesses of a regular enemy, with a slightly higher amount of HP than normal.

This boss is found in the Seethewater Cave dungeon, which can be accessed by using 2x Stonesword Key.

  • This boss is weak to fire damage
  • This boss can be staggered by most attacks, so being aggressive can make the fight easier
  • Using summons such as Lone Wolf Ashes will keep one of the bosses staggered for a long time

As soon as you enter the boss room, summon your spectral friend(s) so that they can keep one of the bosses distracted while you deal with the other one. If you use a summon that brings forth several spectral homies, they’ll be able to keep the other boss staggered for a long time, which will make them more durable. Alternatively, a strong summon such as Lhutel the Headless +3 can outright kill one of the bosses by themselves, if given enough time.

Other than that, this boss’s attacks can be hard to dodge, so don’t hesitate to bring a good shield if you’re having trouble staying alive. As for the rest of the strategy, this boss is staggered even by light attacks, so be aggressive as much as possible to not give them a chance to retaliate. There is one exception to this however, the boss cannot be staggered while they’re crawling along the floor. On top of that, they can also stab you while crawling, so that will be one part of the fight where you should play defensively instead.

Now for the attacking part, while you might end up getting hit here and there by boss’s spear, you can keep attacking them and largely come out on top. And even with a relatively light weapon such as a one-handed sword, a jumping heavy attack followed by two regular light attacks will be enough to break the boss’s stance, and leave them open to a critical strike.

Similarly to the melee focused characters, remember to use a summon as soon as you enter the boss room, to distract one of the bosses. From there, focus on the one that isn’t being distracted and keep your distance from them at all times. This way, you’ll only have to deal with their ranged attacks, which can either be dodged through, or blocked if you are having trouble evading them.

kindred of rot dodge roll elden ring

As for the rest of the fight, while you may be tempted to use your fanciest spells, using quicker to cast light spells will ensure that the boss keeps getting staggered and doesn’t have time to retaliate. As a reminder, while the Kindred of Rot is crawling on the floor, they cannot be staggered and might end up evading your attacks. With that in mind, while they’re slithering around, focus on keeping your distance from them, and attack them only when they’re standing up.

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