How to Beat Wormface – Elden Ring Boss Guide

Found at the foot of the Minor Erdtree on the Altus Plateau, this boss isn’t too tough — unless you let it Death Blight you, in which case it will instantly kill you. In this guide, we’ll give some suggestions for defeating this boss without letting that happen.

  • Clear the enemies around Wormface stealthily before engaging the boss — the last thing you want is to get knocked off your horse by a mob you didn’t see and then get Death Blighted.
  • Before the fight starts, gallop to the boss and get free damage in before it stands up.
  • When Wormface slams his head into the ground, you can attack their head for bonus damage.
  • Be patient — if your Instant Death meter is halfway filled or higher, just use Torrent to stay far away from the boss until your meter depletes.
  • This boss is resistant to Holy damage, but slightly vulnerable to slashing physical attacks.
  • Equip the Prince of Death’s Pustule to mitigate the boss’s Instant Death

Start the fight by summoning your spirit of choice — melee spirits that can take aggro are optimal if you’re playing a ranged character.

Despite its ability to kill you instantly with Death Blight, this boss is actually pretty easy thanks to the fact that you can ride Torrent the whole time, so you’ll have to really screw up to let the boss fill your blight meter. Most of the bosses attacks create clouds of blight that remain on the ground for a few seconds.

blight clouds wormface elden ring
Blight clouds

These clouds will kill you if the Instant Death meter just above the boss’s health bar fills up completely. Fortunately, only the Blight Barf and Blight Spew can quickly apply the blight, so as long as you’e always riding in a circle and sprinting when the boss attacks, these shouldn’t hit you.

For melee characters, the strategy is to ride in a circle, and tap the sprint button when the boss begins an attack — this will guarantee it misses if it’s a ranged attack. If the boss moves towards you, just tap ride diagonally away instead of circling. Wait for an attack to miss/finish, and then ride in and get a few hits in. If the boss uses the Blight Fountain, get far away and wait for the clouds to dissipate.

Ranged characters can easily stay out of range of all of the bosses attacks while attacking, and since the boss isn’t that good at killing summons, they’ll probably keep aggro for most of the fight.

Don’t be afraid of moving through the blight clouds the boss leaves behind with its attacks — just keep an eye on the Instant Death meter, and if it’s more than half full, back off and let it deplete before trying to attack the boss again. To be clear: don’t try to move through the boss’s barf as it’s creating it (the worms seem to really add blight buildup), but feel free to ride through the clouds of blight that remain on the ground after the boss’s attacks.

If you’re having a hard time not dying to the Death Blight, try equipping your armor with the highest Vitality stats. The Prince of Death’s Pustule (found beneath Stormveil Castle) can also help slow the buildup of Death Blight.

All of these attacks are easily avoided by simply riding in a circle around the boss — ride away diagonally if the boss begins moving towards you.

  • Putrid Head Slam: The bosses slowly raises both hands, then falls forward onto its hands and slams its head into the ground, creating a blight cloud where the head lands. Sometimes is chained into Head Sweep.
  • Head Sweep: Sometimes followins the Putrid Head Slam — the boss drags its head back and forth on the ground, leaving blight behind.
  • Blight Barf: Wormface dumps a bunch of worms out of his face (go figure) while turning, leaving clouds of blight on the ground in a small arc.
  • Blight Spew: The boss lowers its head, puts its hands on its head, and starts shaking it. It then sticks its head out forward, and sprays a large cone of blight in front of itself.
  • Blight Fountain: The boss lowers its head, puts its hands on its head, and starts shaking it. He then looks upwards and sprays blight in a wide area around itself.
  • Stomp: The boss stomps in front of itself with one foot.
  • Hug: The boss jogs towards its target and spreads its arms wide, then tries to grab its target. This is often repeated multiple times.

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