How to Beat Necromancer Garris – Elden Ring Boss Guide

Rewards: Family Heads,rune v2 elden ring currency9000
Summons Available: Yes

Found behind an illusory wall in the Sage’s Cave on the Altus Plateau, this boss is pretty easy, but has a gimmick that can easily catch unaware players off guard. In this guide, we’ll explain how to make sure this fight goes smoothly by offering a specific strategy for defeating Necromancer Garris.

  • Target the skeleton snail first, and continue to watch the spawn point for more snailetons.
  • Use a summon that staggers bosses consistently, like the Lone Wolf or Demi-Human ashes.

Summon the spirits of your choice as soon as you cross the fog wall, then target the skull to the left of the necromancer. Run/roll past the necromancer and let your spirits attack him, which should cause Garris to start targeting them. You can then easily take down the snail, although it isn’t defenseless — it does have both a rolling attack and a slow-moving projectile that seeks its target. Every few seconds, check the spawn point indicated below, as more snails will drop down to this spot throughout the fight.

snail spawn garris boss elden ring
The circled area on the right indicates where other skeleton snails will drop down

Garris also has the same slow-moving projectile attack that seeks its target, but if you summon a group of spirits, they should be engaged with him constantly, and he won’t do anything except melee attacks. He does do some decent damage with his melee weapon, so don’t disrespect them. Once the first snail is down, help your summons with Garris, but continuously check to see if any skelesnails have dropped down — eliminate them immediately so they don’t surprise you from behind.

Garris doesn’t have much HP, so as long as you’re careful to roll away from his melee attacks, and you keep him occupied the whole time, this fight should go quickly and smoothly.

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