How to Beat the Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast – Elden Ring Boss Guide

Rewards: Fallingstar Beast Jaw, 1x Somber Smithing Stone [6], 5x Smithing Stone [6], rune v2 elden ring currency 21000
Summons Available: Yes

This encounter is very similar to the regular Fallingstar Beast, but has an added Phase 2 once the boss reaches ~60% HP. The Fallingstar Beast guide goes more in-depth on how to deal with this boss’s various attacks, so here we will focus on the general strategy instead, and on how to deal with this boss’s added attack in Phase 2.

full grown fallingstar beast map location elden ring

The main thing that will make this fight much easier for you is to remain mounted at all times. All of this boss’s attacks can be dodged, though it will sometimes entail quickly running away or running in instead. The two main safe windows to attack the boss will be at the end of its Charge, and at the end of its Eruptions.

  • Charge: The boss will charge through the room 3-4 times, each time trying to anticipate your trajectory. To avoid this attack, if you were running to the left the first time you dodged it, once the boss turns around you have to start running the opposite way to be able to avoid the next charge. As you dodge the last charge (usually the 3rd one), run in towards the boss for a quick hit and run out, or start casting spells from horseback.
full grown fallingstar beast charge elden ring
  • Eruptions: The boss will cause the ground to erupt beneath your feet 3 times in a row (but can rarely be up to 5), with the last eruption being bigger than the rest. This attack can very easily be dodged by continuing to ride in any given direction. This attack is one of the easiest to dodge, and it also gives you a very generous window to attacks the boss. Make sure to dodge the first two by riding sideways, and as you dodge the last attack, you can either close the distance and attack the boss several times, or start casting spells once you’re certain that you won’t get hit by the eruption.
full grown fallingstar beast eruptions elden ring

Lastly, the boss will sometimes fling rocks towards you by using its pincers like a shovel. This attack is probably the hardest one to dodge, with the safest ways being either outranging it by staying far away from the boss until you can safely attack them, or being close enough to run in before the Rock Fling.

For a ranged character, you can simply stay at the maximum range that your spells/attacks will reach from, and continue attacking the boss while dodging its attacks with ease. For melee characters however, oftentimes the boss will be walking around while having a staring contest with you. And while you can simply wait for them to either Charge you or start causing Eruptions before attacking them yourself, you can also either check out the Fallingstar Beast guide for a more aggressive strategy, or simply use items such as Throwing Daggers to get the boss to stop staring.

Phase 2 will begin at around 60% HP, with the boss causing a large area around them to erupt before crashing back down. This Massive Eruption can also be repeated during Phase 2, so make sure to run away from the boss if they’re standing still and tapping their pincers.

full grown fallingstar beast phase 2 transition elden ring

As for the other change in Phase 2, the boss’s Charge attack gets an important upgrade. At the end of the charge, the boss will also use a Beam attack in a wide area in front of them. Depending on where both you and the boss are standing in the arena, you may not have to dodge it at all since most of it can end up in the ground. But if you want to make sure that you’re safe, run towards the boss at the end of the Charge. Not only will that allow you to dodge the Beam, but you will also have a pretty sizeable window to keep damaging the boss.

full grown fallingstar beast beam elden ring

Lastly, you can leave the boss area at any time if you need to heal up, which you can do by jumping towards the Spiritspring near the site of grace, and safely descending all the way down without take any fall damage.

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