How to Beat the Ancestor Spirit – Elden Ring

Rewards: Ancestral Follower Ashes, runes icon elden ring 13 000
Summons Available: Yes

While the Ancestor Spirit found in the Siofra River dungeon is one of the easier bosses in Elden Ring, it’s also the most majestic one.

  • Standing by this boss’s hind legs is generally safer.
  • Using a shield with the Barricade Shield skill will make this fight even easier, as it will allow you to block the attacks that are harder to dodge.

This boss’s attacks are very straightforward and easy to read, and standing closer to the boss’s back will allow you to avoid most of this boss’s more dangerous attacks. Standing closer to the front will make you vulnerable to this boss’s frontal hoof stomp, which is harder to see, as well as a small hop to the side followed by several antler attacks. The antler attack chain can go up to 3 swipes + a hoof stomp finisher which can quickly deplete your stamina whether you’re dodging or blocking. Standing closer to the boss’s back will allow you to avoid most attacks that involve antlers, though you will have to watch out for when the boss starts rearing while you’re behind, as it will signal an incoming rear hoof strike.

While the boss will often try to reposition by either hopping backwards or to the side, you will be able to easily close the distance and regain your position towards the boss’s back. Periodically, the boss will also use fire attacks: walking forward while breathing as well as flying through the air and breathing fire. In both cases, simply walk/run away from the boss and those attacks will never be a threat to you.

ancestor spirit boss fire gif elden ring

Lastly, whenever the boss starts hopping through the air 3 times before coming down for a slam attack, the slight delay before the boss comes down might catch you off guard. While it might take some getting used, dodge slightly later than you normally would to dodge the attack, or just sprint backwards if you’re far enough from the boss when it starts hopping through the air.

You can approach this fight in a couple ways if you’re playing ranged: kiting backwards and attacking when it’s safe or fighting in melee until the boss flies/walks away. The safest moments to attack from afar will be when the boss uses its fire attacks. During those attacks, running away will give you ample room to throw 1 to 2 spells. Once the boss starts closing in, you’ll have to look out for the antler thrusting attack that has a bit of reach, but apart from that you’ll be able to kite safely backwards while waiting for openings.

Alternatively, you can follow the melee strategy and use a few spells whenever the boss flies away and starts spitting fire, which will allow you to deal some additional damage until the boss closes the distance once again. And as always, use your summons to give yourself room to safely throw your most devastating spells. This boss doesn’t have a Phase 2, so you can use your summons at the start of the fight.

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