How to Beat the Sanguine Noble – Elden Ring Boss Guide

Rewards: Bloody Helice (in room beyond boss),rune v2 elden ring currency8800
Summons Available: Yes

Found beneath the Writheblood Ruins on the Altus Plateau, the Sanguine Noble can be a serious threat if you let him successfully fill your Hemorrhage meter. Fortunately, with proper positioning and good use of summons, he shouldn’t be able to ever manage it. Read on for details on beating this boss!

  • Always keep an eye on your bleed (Hemorrhage) meter, and back off if it gets too close to full.
  • Shields are effective vs this boss, although his attacks will still fill your bleed meter.
  • Group summons that can stagger enemies — like the Lone Wolf Ashes or the Demi-Human Ashesare excellent in this fight.
  • This boss can be backstabbed.
  • Equipping armor with high Robustness will make it harder for the boss to fill your Bleed meter.

Before you start this boss fight, equip a 100% physical defense shield, like the Beast Crest Heaster, and put on your armor with the best ratio of physical defense and Robustness. It’s also not a bad idea to go and upgrade your favorite multi-spirit summon. As soon as you enter the boss room, summon your spirit of choice (ideally the Lone Wolf or Demi-Human ashes). Then hold block and strafe left or right while waiting for your summons to take aggro.

Once the boss is distracted with them, you can start casting spells if you’re a ranged character. Consider using spells like Loretta’s Greatbow that can stagger the boss — this will allow your summons to stay alive for hopefully the entire fight. Keep your shield in your off-hand and use it if you take aggro from the boss.

Melee characters should also wait for summons to take aggro, then two-hand their weapon and leap in with a jumping attack, then immediately roll away a few times. If the boss targets you, you can swap back to your shield in your off-hand if you aren’t confident in your ability to roll away from the boss’s attacks. Repeat this pattern the whole fight.

The Sanguine Noble also has a move where he drags his sword from (his) left to right on the ground, causing blood to erupt from the ground. You move slowly through the blood, and it rapidly fills up your blood meter (so don’t stand on it). However, it also offers you a great chance to secure a backstab if you can see him starting this move. Your bleed meter won’t fill while backstabbing him, so you can safely get behind him while he starts the move, backstab, then roll off of the blood pools.

sanguine noble backstab gif elden ring

If your summons die, utilize your shield, walk backwards/diagonally, and roll away from attacks, then counterattack when he finishes a move. If your bleed matter is almost full, don’t bother counter-attacking, and focus on rolling instead of blocking. He’ll throw daggers at you sometimes when you’re out of melee range, but if you strafe left or right they’ll miss (you can also block them, although like the rest of his attacks, they’ll build up your bleed meter).

This boss shouldn’t be too hard to kill, so if you’re really struggling to damage it, you may be under-leveled for the area. Good luck!

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