Volcano Cave Dungeon Walkthrough – Elden Ring

This short dungeon found in Mt. Gelmir is filled with mostly weak demi-humans, and a couple interesting items.

Unique Rewards:

Once you’ve grabbed the site of grace, start going through the dungeon and you will very quickly reach a room with several demi-human enemies sitting around. Since there is nothing interesting to grab except for some moss, you can either kill them all or sneak through the shadows to the small drop down to the northwest.

Make sure to grab the Golden Rune [6] before jumping down, and use a heavy attack as you’re jumping down to thin out the herd of demi-humans below. Once they’re dealt with, you can use ranged attacks to deal with the demi-human chieftain below, or simply proceed to the tunnel north of there.

volcano cave path to chests elden ring

As you go through the tunnel, deal with the small enemy on your way, and you will end up reaching a well lit room. If you thought that loot just laying around undefended is too good to be true, then you’re right. In this room, there are 3 stacks of crates, and you will find an enemy hiding behind each one of those. You can either try to pull them back to fight them in the narrow tunnels, or just run in and attack the ambushers before they can ambush you. Once they’re dealt with, make sure to loot the nearby corpses to grab the 3x Arteria Leaf, Coil Shield, and 6x Sliver of Meat.

You can now go back out of the room and deal with the demi-human chieftain below if you haven’t already. Then jump down, grab the 5x Lump of Flesh in the corner and start going east toward this dungeon’s boss: Demi-Human Queen Margot.

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