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Great-Jar’s Arsenal

Game: Elden Ring

Raises max Equip Load by 19%.

A charm that resembles a great jar overflowing with weaponry. Vastly boosts maximum equipment load. The great jar grants this talisman to their warriors. Carry as much as you can-grow big and strong.

Where to Find the Great-Jar’s Arsenal

Inside of the Siofra River dungeon in Limgrave, travel to the Below the Well site of grace up north. Next to the site of grace, you’ll find a lift with an imp statue that requires 2x Stonesword Key. Unlocking and using this elevator will take you to an otherwise unreachable area of Caelid.

There, take the path west and follow it until you see a massive jar north. Speaking to the jar will allow you to see the Great Jar‘s red summon signs, which will allow you to fight 3 Knights of the Great Jar. If you manage to defeat all 3 without dying, you’ll be able to speak to the Great Jar again to receive the Great-Jar’s Arsenal.

If you die while fighting these, you’ll be able to come back and try again as many times as needed. However, the Knights of the Great Jar will be different each time, so while it could get easier, you could also get more difficult opponents.

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