Unsightly Catacombs Dungeon Walkthrough – Elden Ring

These catacombs on the Altus Plateau are found below the Perfumer’s Ruins, and are unique in that they don’t have the standard imps or skeletons. What these catacombs do have is a duo boss, so be mentally prepared for it.

This dungeon requires x2 Stonesword Key to enter.

Unique Rewards:

From the site of grace, go down the stairs and then use target-lock to find the sleeping misbegotten in the room at the bottom of the stairs. Don’t attack it though — there’s another misbegotten around the corner on the right, so take that one out first before attacking the foe that’s lying down.

hiding boy unsightly catacombs elden ring
Arrow indicates the hiding spot of the enemy hidden misbegotten

Continue north into the next hallway, where you can activate the summing pool. The hallway turns right, and you’ll see a large misbegotten’s tail swishing. You can sneak up to it, at which point it will start patrolling away from you to the right. Another enemy will come around the corner from the left, but if you wait for the first enemy to be behind the wall, and then hold the sprint button while crouched, you can actually head down the staircase without fighting if you’re fast enough — or you can kill the guy on the right immediately, then wait for the other fella to show up and kill him too.

Be careful as you approach the bottom of the stairs — a winged misbegotten lies in ambush on your right. Grab the Grave Violet in the right-hand corner, then continue into the nearby hallway. In the next room, use target-lock to find the two enemies sitting by the Ghost Glovewort [5] — a dog and a large misbegotten. If you’re melee, run in and take out the dog first, since it’ll go down much quicker. Once both foes are down, head through the hallway on your right (relative to the entrance) to continue forward.

You’ll find yourself in a large open chamber with a staircase winding around the outside of it. Follow the stairs down and around until you come to the Grave Glovewort [4]. Here, you’re going to drop down amongst a bunch of sleeping misbegotten.

scary sleepers unsightly catacombs elden ring

Drop down (don’t jump!), and crouch once you land. Head right, hugging the wall, to grab the Winged Misbegotten Ashes and a Ghost Glovewort [5]. Then head towards the hallway to the north, making your way slowly and carefully through the sleeping enemies. Don’t forget that on a controller, you can gently push the stick forwards to move extra slowly. Enter the hallway and follow it to the stairs, which lead up to the boss room lever. Then start sneaking again, and go left (south) — around the corner you’ll find a Rune Arc.

Continue forward and round the next corner, where an ogre stands next to a corpse with the Prattling Pate “Apologies” item. You can pick it up without aggroing the ogre, and then head back to the lever and drop down to the dirt below. Turn right (north) and head in that direction to find the boss door and the fog gate to Perfumer Tricia & Misbegotten Warrior.

It’s worth noting that if you die and need to do the runback, you can equip the Longtail Cat Talisman and then drop down to the dirt right before the boss door (by falling down near the staircase with the two patrolling enemies).

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