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elden ring shadow of the erdtree wallpaper cropped jpg

[Leak] Elden Ring DLC Possibly at TGA, Released Feb ’24

FromSoft YouTuber Ziostorm revealed today on Twitter (we still aren’t calling it X) that “unverified sources” say the upcoming Elden Ring DLC will be shown on December 7th at The Game Awards. These same sources have also claimed that the…

starfield update 1.7.36 featured image

Starfield Update 1.7.36 – FOV Slider and Optimization

Starfield’s Update 1.7.36 dropped today for all platforms, giving us a relatively short list of changes. Among those changes, however, is something very important: Starfield has finally added an FOV slider into the settings menu, letting console players and PC…

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Barbarians – You’re Playing It Wrong

Imagine a barbarian. Now, let me guess: the image in your head is that of a barely-clothed giant of a man with bulging muscles, tangled yet still somehow flowing hair, and a grim expression on his craggy face. Scattered corpses…