Palworld Reveals New Island with New Pals, Raids, PvP, & More!

At the Summer Game Fest, Palworld just revealed a huge piece of news — there will be a new island coming to the game towards the end of the month! Showing this off in a new trailer (below), the reveal shows the environment of the island, new Pals, and much more!

Palworld’s New Island

The update, called the Sakurajima Update, will feature a brand new island, Sakurajima, for the players to explore. Not only will this update include the new area, but it will also come with the Arena PvP that was teased earlier in the year, as well as the previously revealed new Pals.

While the new trailer is mainly showing off the island, it also teases the appearance of a few new Pals that weren’t previously mentioned, as well as a few new subspecies to the Pals we already know! In order to help survive and thrive in this new area, the update will also increase the level cap and come with some new buildings.

palworld sakurajima update arena
The previously revealed Arena mode will debut with this update!

We can also sense some hints for the new endgame in the trailer — a tease of a new raid, with a Pal that looks like it will be a new version of Blazamut. On top of that, there will be a new faction joining the fray to be a boss (though what that faction is, is currently unclear). There will also be a new stronghold in the form of an Oil Rig that players can invade.

This looks to be a huge update for the game, and it will be coming out soon — June 27th, to be exact. And as an added bonus, Xbox players will have servers dedicated to the console once it comes out. So get your Pals and your gear ready, as soon it will be the time to explore a whole new island!

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