Palworld Teases New Arena PvP Mode, Coming This Summer

Palworld has teased a new game mode coming during the Triple-i Initiative. To fans who have been wanting to battle their friends to see who is the better trainer, your chance will be coming soon!

Pal Arena

The new game mode will be called the Pal Arena. While the details are scarce, we did get a few bits of information from it’s short teaser. The main thing is that this is a new PvP mode, meaning that you will be able to battle your friends! It is unclear right now if you will be able to be able to connect with people online to battle, or if you can only go up against people in your server, however.

The other major detail we can get about this mode is that it will consist of 3v3 fights between your Pals (with you being there as well, of course). We can’t tell from the teaser if you’re able to swap in other Pals from your party during the battle, but making it 3v3 means that team composition will likely play a big role in how these battles play out.

While there is not an exact date, we know that the new mode will come out sometime this summer. In the meantime, take advantage and train your Pals to be as strong as possible!

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