How to Cure & Prevent Depressed Pals – Palworld

If you overwork your Pals in Palworld and let their Sanity drop, they can get Depressed. When this happens, your Pal’s portrait will become purple and they will get tired quicker, as well as work slower. This status is different from when they are Hungry or Injured, as there is only one specific way to cure them of it. In this guide, we will go over how to cure the Depressed status and how to prevent it happening in the future.

If a Pal gets Depressed, the only way to heal them is to use High Grade Medical Supplies on them. There are two ways you can get this item:

  • Craft them at your base
  • Buy them from a vendor

To craft High Grade Medical Supplies, you will need to hit level 12 first. Once you have, you can unlock and craft a Medieval Medicine Workbench (2 points to Unlock, then 2 Wood, 5 Nail, 10 Paldium Fragment to craft).

Once you set down the workbench, look at its recipes — you’ll the item on there.

To craft a single item of High Grade Medical Supplies, you’ll need:

  • 5 Ingot
  • 5 Horn
  • 2 Bone
palworld high grade medical supplies
High Grade Medical Supplies recipe on Medieval Medicine Workbench

Alternatively, you can simply buy these from any Wandering Merchants. However, note that High Grade Medical Supplies cost 3000 Gold each, which makes this a much more expensive approach to getting the item.

Once you’ve got your hands on the High Grade Medical Supplies, the rest of the process is easy — go to your Depressed Pal and simply give it to them (if they’re in your party, you can give it to them in the inventory menu).

Once you’ve applied the item, they’ll feel better and be ready to get back into action!

However, letting your Pals get Depressed all the time and keep curing them is not the most efficient method — the best practice is to prevent it from happening in the first place.

There are a few ways you can approach this:

  • Keep them well-fed
  • Allow them to take breaks and hang out in Hot Springs
  • Spread the workload
  • Make sure they’re not stuck

First of all, your Pals need food, but this can be hard to keep track of all of them and their hunger. Luckily, this can be really easy to manage — you simply need to build any Plantation, and a Pal Feed. Just make sure your have Pals with the appropriate Work Suitabilities (Watering, Planting, Gathering, and Transporting), and these two structures will allow your Pals to keep themselves well fed!

Additionally, there are structures to keep your Pals comfortable and happy — namely, Beds and Hot Springs.

  • You will want each Pal to have their own Bed.
  • Others in the community recommend to have one Hot Spring per every 4 Pals or so but, like me, you might end up just having one for the entire base and notice that it ends up plenty enough.

Beds will keep them comfortable when it’s time to sleep (or when they need to sleep off an Injury), and Hot Springs will give them a great place to go when they’re on break.

palworld beds and hotspring
A bed for every Pal and a Hot Spring should keep everyone in your base happy!

On top of the previous practices, don’t have a Pal doing a single job as the sole worker at a station. The monotony of it will drop their SAN quicker, so have at least two pals that can share the task — they will switch off on their own in this scenario, significantly reducing their Sanity drain.

Finally, on a more technical note, Palworld can be pretty buggy at times, causing your Pals to bug out and get stuck — this is especially true if you’re on a dedicated server. If this happens, your Pals won’t be able to move around to reach anything, which will cause them to become irritated and starve, eventually leading to them becoming Depressed.

  • A simple fix for this is, if you notice that any of them are bugged out, simply go to your Palbox, then remove and reassign them to the base, resetting their position.
  • You can also attempt to prevent this altogether by storing your Pals into your Palbox before logging out — this is the best method to prevent them from glitching through the floor when logging in.

Now that you know how to cure the Depressed status from your Pals and keep them happy, you can keep your bases running much more smoothly with happy workers!

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