Where to Get Ancient Civilization Parts – Palworld

Many of the more advanced structures within Palworld (namely, ones learned with Ancient Technology Points) require a special material to create: Ancient Civilization Parts. As important as this resource is, it isn’t clear on exactly how to get it. So, in this guide, we’ll go over how you can acquire some!

You can get Ancient Civilization Parts from defeating or catching Alpha Pals. There are two places you’ll find these bosses:

  • The Open World
  • Inside Dungeons

Alpha Pals can be found roaming in various places throughout the island. They are very easy to spot — they’re much larger than a normal Pal in their family, and targeting them will show a large health bar at the top of the screen. Additionally, once you’ve gotten close enough to one, the map will show an icon to indicate their location.

palworld alpha pals map
Every portrait on the map is an Alpha Pal

Alternatively, you can find Alpha Pals at the end of dungeons. To find a dungeon, look along the walls while exploring the world until you find a cave. When you go to the entrance, there will be an indicator of what level the dungeon is. If you’re up for it, go inside, and at the end of the dungeon an Alpha Pal will be waiting for you.

Alpha Pals respawn, meaning if you find a few that you can reliably defeat, you can easily farm Ancient Civilization Parts by beating those bosses as they come back. As the dungeon entrances rotate, hunting Alpha Pals in the open world is the more reliable way to farm these parts.

It’s worth mentioning that you can get Ancient Civilization Parts from Lucky Pals as well. Lucky Pals are easy to spot, as they will be surrounded by bright yellow orbs, be larger than a normal Pal, and have a shiny icon next to their name. Fighting one will be about the same as fighting an Alpha Pal, as they will be a higher level than normal, and even play the same music. However, Lucky Pals are very rare, and can appear anywhere on the map, so you shouldn’t rely on this to farm Ancient Civilization Parts.

Once you have a few Ancient Civilization Parts, you can start building some great items, such as the Egg Incubator and the Grappling Hook!

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