Regional Level Guide – Palworld

The islands of Palworld do not cater to player level. No matter if you enter a region at the very start of a game, or at the very end of your journey, the regions and the Pals found within them will be the same difficulty. What this means is that some areas will be exceedingly dangerous to traverse until you are at least a certain level. This guide should help you navigate the dangeous islands of Palworld so that you don’t find yourself in areas outside your abilities, and can plan out routes.

Palworld Islands Level Map

While you might be able to head to areas above your level range for Eggs, Chests, and Effigies, your ability to take on the Pals there and capture anything without being killed — much less take on Dungeons and Bosses — will be heavily based upon the general level of that region compared to your own. After all, your Pals can only be as high a level as you are, and if they are higher, they will be scaled down to your level.

If you are planning on capturing or defeating Pals, then you should follow this area level map. There are 3 different versions of the map: Easy, Normal, and Hard, so make sure to select the difficulty you are playing at (or the closest to it, if you are on a custom difficulty) to get a good idea of when you approach each area.

palworld level ranges easy
NP = Nature Preserve
palworld level ranges 1
NP = Nature Preserve
palworld level ranges hard
NP = Nature Preserve

It should be noted that “NP” stands for “Nature Preserve”: these unique areas have a few extra mechanics, making their ideal level harder to quantify.

Also worth noting is that Alpha Pals, Dungeons, and Bosses do not necessarily correlate to the difficulty of a region. All of these are always at least as high a level as the regions around them, and often much higher! So, before taking on any Alpha Pals or Dungeons, even in low-level areas, make sure to compare their Level Range to yours before engaging with them. Especially if the first Alpha Pal you encounter is a Level 38 Mammorest.

Now that you have this Area Level Guide, you will be able to traverse the land in relative safety, without wandering too deep into areas outside of your abilities.

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