How to Defeat Fenglope Alpha Boss – Palworld

Fenglope is a mid-game Alpha Pal Boss in Palworld. While the fight with Fenglope is pretty straightforward, he is one of the more tricky Alphas to find. In this guide, we will go over where to find this Alpha Boss, and how to defeat him.

If you simply to head to Fenglope’s icon on the map like you would with other Alpha Pals, you will instead be greeted with a Syndicate Camp — this is because the boss is actually underground.

To find him, go slightly northeast of his map marker (to around -247, -435), and you will see an area called the Falls Mineshaft, with a waterfall. Behind this waterfall is a cave that will lead you straight to the boss.

Now that you’ve found him, it’s time to beat him! Fenglope is level 25, and you will want to be around the same level as him for best results. You will also want to have the best armor you can craft before tackling him. Bringing a few Dark Pals along will help you with damage as well.

Fenglope has 4 attacks he will use on you:

  • Air Cannon
  • Acid Rain
  • Cloud Tempest
  • Aqua Burst

The attacks are fairly straightforward, but keep in mind that the projectiles from Air Cannon and Aqua Burst are fairly quick, and that Acid Rain will follow you for a short period of time. Keep your distance using your gun and rotate your Pals if you see one getting low on health. If you bring at least two Dark Pals, they should be able to get Fenglope’s health low fairly quickly.

palworld fengelope attack
Cloud Tempest can close the gap you have on Fenglope pretty quickly

If you wish to capture Fenglope, you can get him with a Mega Sphere, but if you can spare one, a Giga Sphere or higher will offer a better chance of catching him (albeit, not tremendously so). Make sure you are ready to dodge when you attempt this — if he breaks out, he will tend to attack with one of his abilities almost immediately.

As long as you keep away from his attacks, the fight should go pretty smoothly. Once you beat his, you can grab your Ancient Civilization Parts (and Ancient Technology Point if this is your first time beating his).

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