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Grappling Guns are always a joy to use. Zipping about the world might be even faster than riding your Pal mounts. But, unlocking grappling guns is its own difficulty, and then when you do unlock them, finding where to actually craft them can be even more confusing. We’ve got you covered, though: this guide will go over how to unlock Grappling Guns for crafting, and how to actually craft them once they are unlocked.

Grappling Guns are an ancient technology, and thus are not unlocked along the regular Technology Track using regular Technology Points. Instead, you must do the following to unlock grappling guns:

  • Reach Level 12
  • Invest 1 Ancient Technology Point into the purple “Ancient Technology” track (on the right side of the regular, blue Technology Track)

Ancient Technology Points come from all types of bosses within Palworld. Alpha Pals, such as those roaming the world or at the end of cave-like dungeons, reward 1 Ancient Technology Point the first time you defeat or capture them. Meanwhile, Tower Bosses reward a whooping 5 Ancient Technology Points. So, to unlock the Grappling Gun, you’ll just need to defeat or capture a single Alpha Pal and reach level 12.

There are also 3 more powerful versions of the grappling gun, the Mega, Giga, and Hyper Grappling Guns, which can be unlocked as follows:

Ancient Tech. Points
Grappling Gun
10x Paldium Fragment
10x Ingot
30x Fiber
1x Ancient Civilization Parts
Mega Grappling Gun
20x Paldium Fragment
20x Ingot
50x Fiber
4x Ancient Civilization Parts
Giga Grappling Gun
30x Paldium Fragment
30x Ingot
80x Fiber
8x Ancient Civilization Parts
Hyper Grappling Gun
40x Paldium Fragment
30x Refined Ingot
20x Carbon Fiber
20x Polymer
15x Ancient Civilization Parts

Once you’ve unlocked the ability to craft Grappling Guns, you might go around checking to see where to craft it, and come up empty handed (even with a fancy “Advanced Workbench”! That is because Grappling Guns are crafted at Weapons Workbenches, which you can only unlock at Level 20 and requires 3 (regular) Technology Points. That means that you can get the recipe for Grappling Guns well before you actually have the workbench to make them!

Once you do have the Weapon Workbench unlocked, then it just becomes a matter of opening its menu and putting in 10 Paldium Fragments, 10 Ingots, 30 Fiber, and 1 Ancient Civilization Part. After that, it just takes a bit of time, and then viola, you have a brand new Grappling Gun!

You can find each of the components for a Grappling Gun from the following sources:

  • Paldium Fragments: Paldium fragments can be mined using a pickaxe from any of the glowing blue rocks, or from crushing Stones in a crusher (using a Pal with “Watering” labor, or yourself).
  • Ingots: Ingots are created by smelting Ore in a Furnace (using a Pal with “Kindling” labor). Ore is gathered by mining the large, shiny rocks dotted around the world with a pickaxe.
  • Fiber: Fiber is most easily obtained by chopping down trees. While you’ll get a lot of wood, each tree will also drop a few pieces of Fiber. Fiber is also a drop from the Pals Hoocrates and Hangyu.
  • Ancient Civilization Parts: Ancient Civilization Parts can only be dropped from Alpha Pals, both in the overworld and in dungeons. Each time you defeat one — even if it is not your first time doing so — they will drop a couple Ancient Civilization Parts. You can also randomly receive Ancient Civilization Parts from some chests.

If you want to craft the highest-level Hyper Grappling Gun, you will also need the following materials:

  • Refined Ingot: Refined Ingots can only be crafted once one has unlocked the Improved Furnace at Technology Level 34 (4 Technology Points), requiring 1 piece of Coal and 1 piece of Ore each.
  • Carbon Fiber: Carbon Fiber can only be produced after unlocking it at Technology Level 35 (2 Technology Points) by sending Coal or Charcoal through a Production Assembly Line at Technology Level 28 (3 Technology Points)
  • Polymer: Polymer can only be produced after unlocking it at Technology Level 33 (2 Technology Points) by sending High Quality Pal Oil — which can only be harvested by defeating or catching high-level Pals — through a Production Assembly Line (unlockable at Technology Level 28).
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