How to Defeat Sweepa Alpha Boss – Palworld

Sweepa is one of the first Alpha Pals you are able to fight in Palworld. However, unlike the other early game bosses, Sweepa has a group of Swees with him, potentially making this one more difficult. In this guide, we will go over where to find him, and how to defeat him.

Sweepa can be found just a little south of the Small Cove Great Eagle Statue (-227, -593). It is in a flat, open area surrounded by mountain walls, so he will be easy to spot.

palworld sweepa map

The Sweepa Alpha is level 11, while the Swees he will have with him are level 8-9. To handle this, you will want to be at least level 13, and have the best armor you can craft on you — preferably armor with Ice Resist. You’ll also want to bring some Fire Pals to deal damage quickly.

Now, let’s go over the battle step-by-step.

Before the battle even starts, you can separate the Swees from their Sweepa, at least temporarily. Swees are pretty squeamish, so if you let them spot you, they will run away — Sweepa is not an aggressive Pal, so he won’t attack you until you attack first.

After they run away, you can attack the Swees on their own. Keep in mind, though, once you hit any of them, the rest of the group will go on the offensive and attack you, no matter how far apart they are.

palworld swees

Once the battle starts, you’ll want to take down the 4 Swees first. They don’t have any particularly dangerous attacks, but just make sure you’re prepared to dodge so you don’t get overwhelmed by their attacks.

Once the adds are taken care of, you can focus on Sweepa himself.

He only has two attacks that he will use on you:

  • Power Shot
  • Ice Missile

Both of these attacks are projectiles with plenty of wind-up time, so they’re fairly easy to dodge.

Keep your distance using your bow and rotate your Pals if they start getting low on health. If you have a couple of Fire Pals with you, you should be able to deplete his health pretty quickly.

palworld sweepa fight

If you wish to capture Sweepa, it will be possible with just a regular Pal Sphere, though a Mega Sphere would make it easier if you’re able to get your hands on some. Since this is one of the earlier bosses, the chance to catch him will be fairly good regardless.

As long as you avoid his attacks and take out his adds quickly, the fight should go pretty smoothly. Once you beat him, you can grab your Ancient Civilization Parts (and Ancient Technology Point if this is your first time beating him).

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