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By the time you get ready to fight Lily and Lyleen, you will have done a fair amount of exploring, and will be familiar with most of Palworld’s mechanics. Despite that, The Free Pal Alliance Tower’s Lily and Lyleen can still prove very challenging, especially for the unprepared, boasting higher damage and health and a wider moveset than anything you are likely to have faced before.

Thankfully, we’ve got you covered: this guide will help you figure out how to defeat Lily and Lyleen, including what Pals to bring, what equipment to use, and strategies to avoid every possible attack.

Lily and Lyleen are located on the north side of the central islands, atop a cold mountain (possibly the first truly dangerous climate you’ve encountered), and are best challenged once the player is comfortably in “mid game”, with a stable party and fruitful base or two.

As such, most players can expect to take on Lily and Lyleen around player Level 25, but can take them on any time after unlocking the Musket at Level 21. Any Pals they bring with should also be at or above this level, so that you can take full advantage of your level and their abilities. If you find yourself struggling, however, then waiting until Level 27 for the Cold Resistant Metal Armor or Level 28 for the Giga Shield is entirely reasonable.

As for Pals: Lyleen is a Leaf palworld element leaf Pal, meaning that it is weak against Fire palworld element fire Pals. Ideally, you will want to stock up on Fire palworld element fire Pals, then, especially Alpha Pals (Indicated with Asterisks). Some of the best Pals to put in your party are as follows:

  • Arsox (Fire palworld element fire): Boasting a fantastic moveset and great stats, Arsox is a great choice against Lily and Lyleen.
  • Foxsparks (Fire palworld element fire): This early Pal holds up surprisngly well with good leveling and a bit of attention, and is one of the only Pals where carrying them during a boss fight (at least for portions) is a valid strategy.
  • Bushi* (Fire palworld element fire): The Alpha Bushi is on a starting island to the west of the isle of beginners, and has fantastic combat stats.
  • Kitsun (Fire palworld element fire): These Pals are found conveniently next to Lily and Lyleen’s tower; good, since they are so effective against them.
  • Vanwyrm (Fire palworld element fire/Dragon palworld element dragon): Found near where you can catch the alpha Bushi, Vanyrms

At the end of the day, however, you should also simply select Pals you enjoy using, so long as they aren’t at a type disadvantage against the Lily and Lyleen (so no Earth palworld element earth Pals).

Before challenging Lily and Lyleen, you should ensure that all equipment is fully repaired, and that you and your Pals are all fully fed. You should have the following equipment when you enter the Free Pal Alliance Tower:

  • Musket (Technology Level 21)
    • 200 Coarse Ammo (Technology Level 21/Lootable from Human Enemies)
  • Cold Resistant Pelt Armour (Technology Level 18)
  • Mega Shield (Technology Level 16)

If you are struggling, then you can also consider the following as possible upgrades as optional:

  • Makeshift Handgun (Technology Level 25)
    • 200 Coarse Ammo (Technology Level 21/Lootable from Human Enemies)
  • Cold Resistant Metal Armour (Technology Level 27)
  • Giga Shield (Technology Level 28)

Lily and Lyleen is a fairly passive, ranged Tower Boss. But don’t let that fool you: her many ranged attacks have very high damage and can make quick work of you and your Pals, if you aren’t careful. However, by playing cautiously, using the arena, and keeping enough distance to react to some fast-moving attacks, Lily and Lyleen shouldn’t be too difficult of a challenge.

In general, it is usually not ideal to mount or carry Pals whose equipment you have during Tower Boss battles, and Lily and Lyleen are no exception: mounting or carrying Pals reduces your ability to dodge and makes it more likely that any given attack will hit both you and your Pal. Instead, you should let your Pal attack Lily and Lyleen on its own, just keeping an eye on its HP so you can withdraw it if need by.

All of Lily and Lyleen’s attacks are accompanied by Lyleen hovering just above the ground and shaking her skirt-like tendrils. While this can be a good indication an attack is coming, she usually only does so just before launching the attack.

Lily and Lyleen have 7 different attacks, which you can dodge or avoid as follows:

This attack can be avoided simply by strafing to the side. It is one of Lily and Lyleen’s weakest attacks.

This attack is blocked by the arena’s pillars.

lily and lyleen bubbles

Pals near Seed Mine when it lands should be recalled.

This is an interesting attack; it will launch a projectile at you, which will then explode into dozens of tiny mines. You should dodge away from the first projectile, then make sure to not step on or touch any of its many tiny mines.

lily and lyleen explosive pellets

The first of the three spinning blades has the best tracking to you, so it should be avoided as soon as the attack is launched. If you avoid the first hit, you’ll avoid the other 2.

This attack is blocked by the arena’s pillars.

lily and lyleen leaf blades

This attack is fast-moving and can be difficult to see. But, if you notice a swell of dirt coming at you, you should dodge immediately to avoid this very high-damage attackl, which is Lyleen’s most dangerous.

lily and lyleen ground swell

Pals hit by the Poison Cloud should be recalled.

The best way to avoid this surprisingly deadly poisonous move is to dodge directly away as soon as Lyleen starts charging, then keep sprinting away until the area is clear.

lily and lyleen poison cloud

Pals targeted by this move should be recalled.

You can avoid the grass tornados by simply strafing to the left or right. This attack is much more dangerous against Pals.

This attack is blocked by the arena’s pillars.

lily and lyleen leaf tornado

Pals targeted by this move should be recalled.

If you are targeted by this move, dodging to the side just before impact is the best way to avoid damage.

This attack is blocked by the arena’s pillars.

lily and lyleen water ball

Eventually, by reacting well to Lyleen’s attacks, using the right Pals and equipment, and staying focused, you will be able to take out Lily and Lyleen. But, you haven’t conquered Palworld yet! Three more tower bosses still remain, with the next Tower Boss being Axel and Orserk at the Eternal Pyre Tower.

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