How to Revive a Pal – Palworld

In Palworld, once you capture a Pal, you can add them to your party to assist you in your battles, or can set them up at your base (which may or may not come under attack). With this, however, naturally comes a fear — what will happen if your Pal dies? Fortunately, while your Pals can be defeated in battle, they will not permanently die.

In this guide, we’ll go over what happens if one of your Pals does get defeated, and three different methods you can use to get them back in shape!

While your Pals will not die when they are defeated, they will become Incapacitated – their icon’s background will turn red to indicate this. While incapacitated, they will not be able to participate in your party or your base. This effect will not simply wear off, and you will need to take them back to your base to heal them up.

It’s worth noting that Pals assigned to your base can also be incapacitated if they are defeated during something like a raid. In this case, they will still show up in your base roster, but will not be able to complete any tasks.

Also worth noting is that when a Pal is close to being defeated, a red “DANGER” icon will appear on your HUD when you look at them. This is useful for battles when you are trying to time when to switch out your current Pal and let them recover.

There are currently three ways to revive an incapacitated Pal:

  • Bring them back to your base and store them in your Palbox
  • Sleep in a Bed while they are in your party
  • Assign them to a base and let a Transporting Pal revive them using a bed

If you store an incapacitated Pal in the Palbox, you will see a timer on the Pal’s icon, indicating how much time they need to heal up — by default, this will be 10 minutes of in-game time. Once the timer is up, your Pal will be as good as new, and you can freely put it back into your party or base!

palworld pal recovery

On the other hand, sleeping in a bed at night will heal your Pal instantaneously, letting you get right back to battle. If the injured Pal is one of your core members, this will likely be the optimal choice — this way they don’t get lost in your mess of a Palbox. Of course, because this option can only be done at night, and can only be used with Pals in your party, you won’t always be able to revive Pals this way.

There is another way to revive a Pal instantly, no matter what time of the day it is. If you assign your incapacitated Pal to a base, another Pal in the base that has a Work Suitability with Transporting will pick up its body and move it to a bed, reviving it instantly! It will have a Major Injury when it’s revived, but it won’t take long for it to fully heal and be ready to go back into your party.

palworld base revival
Vanwyrm is sleeping off his injuries

Now that your valuable Pals are once again in tip-top shape, it’s time to head back out there! This time, though, you might want to be a bit more careful against those bosses…

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