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One of the new things Sakurajima Update introduced to Palworld was a second currency, in the form of Dog Coins. These coins can be found just about anywhere, but figuring out how to spend them isn’t quite as easy — your only hint is “Apparently there are people who collect these.” But, do not worry: in this guide, we will go over not only where to find Dog Coins, but also where to spend them.

Dog Coins are very easy to obtain, as they can be found just about everywhere — every chest or debris has a chance of containing some, with more of them dropping in higher level areas.

If you want to try farming them a little more consistently, you can try hunting down Mimogs, since they will drop Dog Coins when either killed or caught. In our How to Catch Mimog guide we note that it’s easier to do when they are at lower level, but they tend to drop more when they have higher HP, if you are willing to chase them around. It’s also worth noting that you won’t get additional coins if you butcher the ones you already own.

While finding Dog Coins are very easy, figuring where to spend them is another story, as there are no hints on who will take them and none of the vendors you have known up until now will trade them. Instead, you will have to find a new merchant.

You will need to look for a Medal Merchant — he essentially looks just like the Black Marketeer, but instead of being dressed in all black, he will be in all gold.

This vendor can be found in any Ruin or Church (the Desolate Church is a good example, as there is a Great Eagle Statue right next to it). However, they won’t always be at the same spot all the time, so if you go to a Ruin and notice he’s not there, try looking at another one or come back later.

palworld medal merchant

Once you have a good amount of Dog Coins (at least in the 100s, and preferably even over 1,000), the Medal Merchants are worth seeking out, as they sell very rare and valuable items.

Some notable examples are:

  • Boxes that will permanently increase the amount of accessories you can carry,
  • Items that can permanently raise the stats of either you or one of your Pals,
  • And even an item that will raise the Rank of one of your chosen Pals!

Dog Coins are very much worth keeping an eye out for. Try collecting as many as you can so you can build up not only yourself, but also your Pals. For that, keep an eye open for chests and debris, and kill a few Mimogs if you have to (yes, yes, we know they are cute little skittish things, but you won’t regret farming them for these kinds of rewards!)

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