How to Defeat Elizabee Alpha Boss – Palworld

Elizabee is one of the more annoying Alpha Pals you can fight in Palword’s mid-game — on top of being harder to find than most Alpha Pals to begin with, she is also assisted by a group of Beegardes! In this guide, we will go over where to find this Alpha boss, and how to defeat her.

Unlike the typical Alpha Pal, you will not find Elizabee just by heading to her icon on the map — this is because she’s hiding underground, and the world map doesn’t depict different ground levels.

You will need to find the Devout’s Mineshaft, which is located around coordinates 35, -187 (see the map below). Go into the tunnel, and it will take you through a linear path that eventually takes you to Elizabee.

Now that we know how to find Elizabee, let’s consider our plan of attack. The boss is level 31, and she will have 3 Beegardes with her, all at level 25. So, you will want to be at around level 33 and have the best armor you can craft to help counteract the extra enemies. You will also want to bring a few of your best Fire Pals to deal damage quickly.

Now, let’s go over the battle step-by-step.

Once the fight starts, you will want to focus on the Beegardes first to reduce their numbers. You need to be very careful during this part of the fight as Beegardes have a good chance of self-destructing if they get too close to you, ending your attempt very quickly. To help avoid this, keep your Pal out, so some of the attention can be focused on them, and try to stay at a distance from them by using a gun as your weapon.

If one does try to self-destruct, there are a few ways you can get away from it:

  • Use a Grappling Hook or a flying Pal to get higher than the explosion’s reach
  • Defeat or capture the Beegarde to interrupt the attack
  • Time your dodge to right before it explodes

To elaborate on these options:

The easiest way to avoid the explosion is by carrying a Grappling Hook, or a Pal you can fly with. Once the self-destruct sequence starts (you will see Beegarde beginning to flash and move in circles around you), use either of the options quickly to get yourself high up — this will allow you to get a safe distance away and take no damage when the Beegarde blows itself up.

Alternatively, if the Beegarde is at low health when its explosion sequence starts, you could always just try to finish it off or capture it before the self-destruct goes off. This can be tricky, however, since it will be circling you rapidly, making it a bit difficult to hit it in time.

If all else fails, it is possible to dodge out of the explosion. This can be dangerous, however, since you need to dodge at the last second before the explosion goes off.

Once Beegardes are taken care of, you can focus on Elizabee herself.

She has 4 attacks she can use on you:

  • A spinning attack
  • Grass Tornadoes
  • Poison Blast
  • Wind Cutter

For the most part, these attacks are straightforward to dodge. Just be careful with Wind Cutter, since the projectile is pretty fast.

Keep your distance using your gun and rotate your Pals if you see one getting low on health. If you bring at least two Fire Pals, they should be able to get Elizabee’s health low fairly quickly.

palworld elizabee fight

If you wish to capture Elizabee, you will need to have a Giga Sphere or better to have a chance at doing so after getting her to low health. Make sure you are ready to dodge when you attempt this — if she breaks out, she will tend to attack with a Poison Blast or Wind Cutter almost immediately.

As long as you keep away from her attacks, the fight should go pretty smoothly. Once you beat her, you can grab your Ancient Civilization Parts (and Ancient Technology Point if this is your first time beating her).

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