How to Farm Ore – Palworld

As you level up in Palworld and learn new Technologies, eventually you will start seeing a lot of structures and equipment that requires Ingots to craft. In order to make Ingots you need Ore, and you will need plenty of it if you want the mode advanced Technologies. In this guide, we will go over where you can find Ore, and how to farm it to ensure you have as much as you need!

One of the best ways to find Ore is by mining Ore deposits scattered throughout the world. These deposits will look similar to the Stone ones, except they will have a glint on top of them, and will have brown and white colors. These Ores can be found all around Palworld. On top of this, there are areas where a group of deposits will be close together — this will typically be on the top of mountains.

palworld ore field

It’s worth noting that Ore will occasionally drop while mining Stone as well, but the rates of this happening are low. Since you can just find dedicated Ore deposits anyway, it is not worth relying on this to gather Ore.

Below are a few examples of where you can find Ore clusters. These examples are all places you can find fairly early in the game at a low level.

South of the Cinnamoth Forest Great Eagle Statue (-74, -318)

Southeast of the Small Settlement Great Eagle Statue (9, -529)

North of the Desolate Church Great Eagle Statue (72, -405)

There are two ways that you can farm Ore:

  • Build an Ore Mining Site in your base
  • Build a base around an Ore cluster

The easiest way to get Ore is to simply make an Ore Mining Site. Once you reach level 15, you can unlock this structure with 2 Ancient Technology Points, and you will need the following materials:

  • 50 Stones
  • 25 Ingots
  • 20 Paldium Fragments

Once made, your Pals with a Mining Work Suitability will be able to freely farm Ore from here, giving you a consistent supply of it.

Alternatively, you can build a base within a cluster of Ore deposits, creating a base centered around mining it. There are a few steps to accomplish this:

  • First, find one of the aforementioned areas with a group of Ore deposits.
  • If you are happy with the area this cluster is in, make a base here — try to get most, if not all, of the Ore deposits within your base’s range.
  • Once the base is established, assign as many Pals with Mining Work Suitability to this base as you can.
    • Important: These Pals will need to have at least level 2 Suitability in Mining, or they will ignore Ore deposits completely.

Feel free to build anything else this base will needs (such as beds, food, etc.), and a Storage Box right next to your Palbox, but be mindful not to build anything on top of a deposit spawn point. Now your Pals will automatically mine all of the Ore deposits as they spawn, and store the Ores for you to pick up!

palworld pal mining

Now that you have this system running, you can periodically go to this base’s Storage Box and grab your ores, Fast Travel to one of your other bases, and store or refine them in your main base. Note that since we built the box next to the Palbox, you can do this even if you grab so many that you can barely move!

Ore is very important in the mid-game and even late-game, so being able to farm it will be a huge time saver, and allow you to build all the structures and gear that you’ll need!

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