Axel & Orserk (Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre Boss) – Palworld

The largest spike in difficulty in Palworld, not only are Axel and Orserk best taken on a staggering 15 levels higher than the previous boss (Lily and Lyleen), but they also have a huge moveset, very dangerous attacks, and much more aggression, making for what is very likely to be the toughest boss you’ve faced yet. Found at the very top of the volcanic Mount Obsidian in the Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre, Axel and Orserk are sure to challenge any player.

Thankfully, we’ve got you covered: this guide will help you figure out how to defeat Axel and Orserk, including what Pals to bring, what equipment to use, and strategies to avoid every possible attack.

Axel and Orserk are a huge leap-up in difficulty compared to the previous fight, and should be taken on once a player is approaching endgame and has access to many high-quality items and Pals. And so, most players can expect to take on Axel and Orserk around player Level 40, after unlocking the Heat Resistant Refined Metal Armour. Any Pals they bring with should also be at or above this level, so that you can take full advantage of your level and their abilities.

As for Pals: Orserk is a Dragon palworld element dragon and Lightning palworld element electricity Pal, meaning that it is weak against both Ice palworld element ice and Earth palworld element earth Pals. Ideally, you will want to stock up on both types of Pals, then, especially Alpha Pals (Indicated with Asterisks). Some of the best Pals to put in your party are as follows:

  • Ice Reptryo (Earth palworld element earth/Ice palworld element ice): The only Pal which is strong against both of Orserk’s types, and a great fighter, Ice Reptryo is worth going of your way to breed a Foxcicle with a Reptryo to acquire for this fight.
  • Sibelyx* (Ice palworld element ice): Found near the Free Pal Alliance tower, this Alpha is practically built to take on Orserk.
  • Warsect* (Earth palworld element earth/Leaf palworld element leaf): Warsect is an incredibly powerful tank, and it’s type advantage means it can withstand a lot of Orserk’s punishment.
  • Wumpo (Ice palworld element ice): Wumpo is a surprisingly good fighter, and surprisingly tough, making it a great choice against Axel and Orserk.
  • Anubis* (Earthpalworld element earth): Lacking some in endurance, Anubis more than makes up with raw power.
  • Mammorest Cryst (Ice palworld element ice): Whether acquired through breeding or capture, Mammorest Cryst is the ice version of the nigh-unstoppable Mammorest. Is it any wonder why it’s so good against Orserk?

At the end of the day, however, you should also simply select Pals you enjoy using, so long as they aren’t at a type disadvantage against the Axel and Orserk (so no Water palworld element water or Dark palworld element dark Pals).

Before challenging Axel and Orserk, you should ensure that all equipment is fully repaired, and that you and your Pals are all fully fed. You should have the following equipment when you enter the Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre:

  • Single-Shot Rifle (Technology Level 36)
    • 300 Rifle Ammo (Technology Level 36)
  • Double Barreled Shotgun (Technology Level 39)
    • 200 Shotgun Shells (Technology Level 39)
  • Heat Resistant Refined Metal Armor (Technology Level 40)
  • Giga Shield (Technology Level 28)
    • If you are struggling: Hyper Shield (Technology Level 43)

Axel and Orserk have a wider moveset and are more aggresive than any other Tower Boss you will have faced so far, and has several extremely high-damage, difficult-to-dodge moves. The trick to Axel and Orserk really is resource management: making sure you have enough ammo, enough stamina, that your Pals don’t run out of HP, and that you stay alive yourself. If you can stay on top of all that, Axel and Orserk are far from insurmountable.

In general, it is usually not ideal to mount or carry Pals whose equipment you have during Tower Boss battles, and Axel and Orserk are no exception: mounting or carrying Pals reduces your ability to dodge and makes it more likely that any given attack will hit both you and your Pal. Instead, you should let your Pal attack Axel and Orserk on its own, just keeping an eye on its HP so you can withdraw it if need by.

Axel and Orserk are one of the more unpredictable bosses, with many attacks coming out basically instantly after Orserk enters any one of three attack poses. As such, with a few exceptions for charged attacks, you will need to be ready to dodge at any time, rather than relying on telegraphs.

Axel and Orserk have 9 different attacks, which you can dodge or avoid as follows:

Pals should be recalled while this move is charging.

To avoid this massive AoE attack, you will need to run and dodge out of the red circle that indicates the attack’s range.

axel and orserk aoe blast

This incredibly-fast-moving attack must be dodges to the side just before it hit you. Because of the speed it is created and moves, this requires very good reaction time.

The arena’s pillars can block this attack.

axel and orserk dragon blast

This breath attack will be used only on close enemies. To avoid it, simply dodge to the left or right and keep running until it stops.

axel and orserk dragon breath

Pals targeted by this attack should be recalled.

The boss will summon three waves of four fiery comets, each of which have an explosion radius and good tracking. For each of the three waves, you will need to dodge to the left or right just before the comets hit.

The arena’s pillars can block this attack.

axel and orserk dragon comets

Pals targeted by this attack should be recalled.

This attack is very easy to avoid, simply by not staying in one place. It is more dangerous to Pals, and as a distraction against other, more deadly attacks.

axel and orserk green rain 1

Pals targeted by this attack should be recalled.

If you notice a grow glowing blue and yellow orb appear below the boss, be ready to time a dodge to the release of that energy just as Orserk goes down to all fours. Once it does, dodge to the side and keep running in the direction to dodges.

Pillars DO NOT block this attack.

axel and orserk lightning beam

This attack comes out very quickly, and must be dodges to the side to avoid damage.

The arena’s pillars can block this attack.

axel and orserk lightning strike

Pals targeted by this attack should be recalled.

Orserk’s signature attack, Orserk will jump into the air and then summon a lightning spear. You should be ready to dodge as he lobs it forward, then keep moving away to avoid the spark blast after.

The arena’s pillars can block this attack.

axel and orserk lightning trident

Orserk’s only close-range attack, this attack can be predicted by Orserk running toward you, and dodged simply by rolling away right as Orserk stops.

axel and orserk melee slam

Eventually, by reacting well to Orserk’s attacks, using the right Pals and equipment, and staying focused, you will be able to take out Axel and Orserk. But they are far from your final challenge. Two more Tower Bosses are still to come, with the next Tower Boss being Marcus and Faleris at PIDF Tower.

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