How to Defeat Jetragon Legendary Boss – Palworld

Jetragon is one of the Legendary Pals in Palworld, and as such, is one of the final challenges in the game. He is also one of the most sought-after Pals in the game — not only is he very powerful, but he is by far the fastest mount in the game (and is also a flying one!).

In this guide, we will go over where to find him, how to defeat him, and how to capture him. (As a little bonus we will also list the currently available methods to cheese the battle a little bit, in case you have been struggling.)

Jetragon can be found west of the Ruined Fortress City Great Eagle Statue (-789, -321), which will be a somewhat open volcanic area where he will be roaming around.

palworld jetragon location
Jetragon’s location near Ruined Fortress City Great Eagle Statue (-789, 321)

Jetragon is level 50, and is a Legendary Pal. As such, you will want to be at max level, and have the best possible gear you can craft to ensure success. (However, we will discuss a potential shortcut later in this guide if you would like to take him on early.)

You will also want to bring as many Ice Pals as you can to help with damage. It’s also worth noting that, since you’re in a volcanic area, you will need Heat Resist while tackling Jetragon, so that you don’t burn to death in your attempt.

Jetragon has several attacks he will use on you:

  • Spirit Fire – Projectile that splits into many smaller ones – dodge or hide behind pillars
  • Dragon Burst – Shockwave that comes out of Jetragon – dodge quickly
  • Flare Storm – Two fire tornadoes that move towards you – dodge
  • Draconic Breath – Continuous breath attack – stay out of range
  • Beam Comet – Multiple laser projectiles – hide behind pillars
  • Fire Ball – Explosive projectile – dodge
  • Dragon Meteor – Multiple projectiles – hide behind pillars

Because of the variety in his attacks and no consistent pattern behind them, Jetragon is dangerous whether you’re close to him or at a distance. Beam Comet and Dragon Meteor will shoot several projectiles at you, while Fire Ball will cause a large explosion on impact — these are mostly ranged attacks, but they are very potent. Note that, in close range, Jetragon will use Dragon Burst and Draconic Breath. Dragon Burst comes out as a quick shockwave, while Draconic Breath has him shooting a constant flame for a few seconds, but has a short range. Because of how quick he is, you must be ready to dodge at all times.

palworld jetragon attack

You will also want to take advantage of your environment to hide from his attacks when possible — there are several pillar-like structures in the area you can use to shield yourself. In addition, try to have your Pal take some of the attention off of you. Use your best weapons and rotate your most powerful Ice Pals, and eventually he will go down.

If you want to catch Jetragon, you will need Ultra Spheres at a minimum, but preferably Legendary Spheres for a better chance. Since this is a max level Legendary Pal, you will want to boost your catch rate as much as possible.

(Cheesing in this case means use of unconventional or shortcut tactics to achieve victory — often this is an unintended easier method, so it may be patched soon! Please let us know if this method no longer works in the comments.)

If you want to take on Jetragon earlier, or just want to have an easier time taking him down, there is an easy cheese method to help deal with him. Just north of where he patrols, there is a raised pool of lava. For this method, you will want to get make Jetragon attack you, then fly over to the opposite side of this pool. He will try to fly through it to reach you, but ends up getting stuck in the lava instead.

You will want to constantly attack him while you get him to follow you through the lava, or he may reset. Once he gets stuck, you have free reign to chip down his health safely! Keep in mind that he may reset his position while he’s stuck — if that happens, just repeat the process to get him stuck again.

Jetragon has very high defense, so you will want to have strong damage even when using this method, or you will only be dealing 1 or 2 damage per hit.

Whichever method you choose, just be sure to avoid his attacks, and eventually he will go down. Once you beat him, you can grab your Ancient Civilization Parts (and Ancient Technology Point if this is your first time beating him). If you catch him, enjoy having the fastest mount in the game!

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