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Palworld is a survival crafting game. And the “crafting” part of that means that you need to gather lots of resources to craft with. But, some of those resources can be quite tricky to find (or create), being scattered all across the islands or only dropping from specific places.

Since crafting the best equipment requires some very rare resources, we’ve created this guide to help you find or create whatever resource you need in the game.

The following is a list of resources in Palworld, which can be harvested, produced, or farmed. These are materials, usually used for creating other, more useful things such as equipment, structures, food, medicine, or Pal gear. There are several different types of resources in Palworld:

  • palworld item wood Extracted Materials: Materials extracted directly from the environment.
  • palworld item circuit board Manufactured Materials: Materials primarily crafted by players or their Pals at base.
  • palworld item highquality pal oil Dropped Materials: Materials primarily dropped by defeating Pals.
  • palworld item wheat Farmed Resources: Resources primarily farmed using Seeds and Plantations.
  • palworld item broncherry meat Raw Food: Edible resources primarily dropped by defeating Pals, often used in recipes.
  • palworld item diamond Gems: Rare sellable gems primarily dropped from Alpha and Lucky Pals.
  • palworld item large pal soul Pal Souls: Pal Upgrade materials found throughout the world and dropped from Pals.

All the resources below fall into those categories, and are usually used in the creation of more complicated items with more practical use.

Extracted Materials

Extracted Materials are those which are primarily harvested from the environment, either using tools or Pals.

  • Coal palworld item coal – Coal can be acquired by mining black rocks using pickaxes. These deposits can be found in the desert to the north of the central islands, on the volcano to the west, and in the large desert on the east side of map. Coal also drops from Blazamut and Menasting. Coal is used to craft Refined Ingots and Carbon Fiber.
  • Fiber palworld item fiber – Fiber can be acquired by destroying trees across the map, usually with an axe. Each tree drops 3-4 Fiber. Fiber is used in many tools and some structures.
  • Ore palworld item ore – Ore can be acquired by mining speckled stones dotted throughout the map using a pickaxe. Each ore vein drops 30 or more ore. Ore can be smelted into Ingots, Refined Ingots, and Pal Metal Ingots.
  • Paldium Fragment palworld item paldium fragment Paldium Fragments can be mined from small blue-glowing stones using a pickaxe. Each small stone will drop about 10 Paldium Fragments. Paldium Fragments are primarily used to craft Pal Spheres.
  • Pure Quartz palworld item quartz– Pure Quartz can be mined from black rocks with white protrusions using a pickaxe. These rocks can only be found on the mountain in the far north of the map, requiring cold-resistant gear to acquire (and high-level Pals to survive). Can also be dropped by Jetragon, Astegon, and Frostallion Noct. Pure Quartz is required to make circuit boards.
  • Stone palworld item stone– Stone can be mined from grey rocks found throughout the map using a pickaxe. It can also be generated using a Stone Pit at your base. Stone is used for many purposes, most especially structures and early tools.
  • Sulfur palworld item sulfur– Sulphur can be mined from yellow-hued rocks using pickaxes. These deposits can be found in the desert to the north of the central islands, on the volcano to the west, and in the large desert on the east side of map. Sulphur is required to create Gunpowder.
  • Wood palworld item wood– Wood can be harvested from any trees found throughout the map, preferably using an axe. It can also be generated using a Logging Site at your base. Wood is used for many purposes, especially structures and tools.

Manufactured Materials

Manufactured Materials are those which primarily must be crafted using a structure in a player’s base. Many of these are also locked behind certain tiers of Technology.

  • Carbon Fiber palworld item carbon fiber – (Tech Level 35) Carbon Fiber is created by combining 2 coal or 5 charcoal using a Production Assembly Line or II. It can also be dropped by Jetragon and Shadowbeak. Carbon Fiber is used primarily for armor, and a few other things.
  • Cement palworld item cement – (Tech Level 19) Cement is created by combining 50 Stone, 1 Bone, and 1 Pal Fluid at a High-Quality Workbench. Cement is used to construct many structures and some Pal Spheres.
  • Charcoal palworld item charcoal – Charcoal is created by burning 2 Wood in a Furnace. Charcoal is primarily used to create Gunpowder and Carbon Fiber.
  • Circuit Board palworld item circuit board – Circuit Boards are created by combining 4 Pure Quartz and 2 Polymer using a Production Assembly Line I or II. Circuit Boards are used to create several of the most complicated machines and equipment, such as the Sphere and Production Assembly Line II and the Refrigerator..
  • Cloth palworld item cloth– Cloth is created by combining 2 wool in a Primitive Workbench or better. It can also be dropped by Azurobe, Felbat. Cloth is used to create a variety of clothing and armor, as well as beds and other soft structures.
  • Flour palworld item flour– Flour is created by grinding Wheat in a Mill using a pal who can Water. It can be used an an ingredient to create Bread.
  • Gunpowder palworld item gunpowder(Tech Level 21) – Gunpowder is created by combining 2 Charcoal and 1 Sulphur. It is also dropped by Tocotoco. Gunpowder is used to create most types of gun ammo.
  • Ingot palworld item ingot– Ingots are created by combining 2 Ore in a Furnace of any type using a Pal with “Kindling” work suitability. It is also dropped by Bushi. Ingots are used to create most types of metal armor, tools, and weapons.
  • Refined Ingot palworld item refined ingot(Tech Level 34) – Ingots are created by combining 2 Ore and 2 Coal in an Improved Furnace or better using a Pal with “Kindling” work suitability. Refined Ingots are used to create higher-quality armor, tools, and weapons.
  • Pal Metal Ingot palworld item pal metal ingot(Tech Level 44) – Pal Metal Ingots are created by combining 4 Ore and 2 Paldium Fragments at an Electric Furnace. It is also dropped by Astegon, Necromus, Paladius, and Shadowbeak. Pal Metal Ingots are used to create the best weapons and armour available in the game.
  • Nails palworld item nails– Nails are created by crafting 1 Ingot at a Primitive Workbench or better, which produced 2 Nails each. Nails are used to construct a variety of structures.
  • Polymer palworld item polymer(Tech Level 33) – Polymer is created by combining 2 High-Quality Pal Oil at a Production Line I or II. It can also be dropped by Jetdragon. Polymer is used to create several Rifles.

Dropped Materials

Dropped Materials are those which are primarily dropped by killing Pals, though many of these can also be purchased from Wandering Merchants.

  • Ancient Civilization Parts palworld item ancient civilization parts– Ancient Civilization Parts are dropped by Tower Bosses, Alpha Pals, or Lucky Pals. They can also sometimes be found in chests. Ancient Civilization Parts are mostly used to craft Shields.
  • Beautiul Flower palworld item beatiful flower– Beautiful Flowers are dropped by Ribbuny, Gumoss, Petallia, and Lyleen. They can also be found at Nature Preserves. Beautiful Flowers can be eaten, but are primarily used to craft various medicines.
  • Bone palworld item bone– Bone is dropped by Vixy, Rushoarm, Cawgnito, Loupmoon, Gorirat, Maraith, Vanwyrm, Vanwyrm Cryst, Bushi, Verdash, and Anubis. Bones are used to craft some medicines and Pal gear.
  • Electric Organ palworld item electric organ– Electric Organs are dropped from Electric-type Pals. Electric Organs are used to craft many powered structures and some Pal gear.
  • Fire Organ palworld item fire organ Fire Organs are dropped from Fire-type Pals. Fire Organs are used to craft many heated structures and some gear.
  • Gumoss Leaf palworld item gumoss leaf Gumoss Leaves are dropped from Gumoss (surprising, I know). Gumoss Leaves are used to craft the Gumoss Cap.
  • High Quality Pal Oil palworld item highquality pal oil High Quality Pal Oil drops from a variety of rarer Pals, including Quivern, Relaxaurus, Woolipop, Elphidran, Grintale, Mammorest, Flambelle, Digtoise, and Dumud. High Quality Pal Oil is used to craft Polymer.
  • Horn palworld item horn Horns drop from Pals with visible horns, like Caprity, Eikthyrdeer, Incineram, Arsox, Univolt, Reindrix, and Fenglope. Horns are used in a variety of medicine and Pal gear.
  • Ice Organ palworld item ice organ Ice Organs are dropped from Ice-type Pals. Ice Organs are used to craft a variety of cooling structures and some Pal gear.
  • Katress Hair palworld item katress hair Katress Hair is dropped by Katress. Katress Hair is used to create the Katress Cap.
  • Leather palworld item leather Leather is dropped by many common Pals, including several that can be found near any spawn point. Leather can be used to craft some low-tier armor.
  • Pal Fluid palworld item pal fluid Pal Fluid is dropped by Water-type Pals. Pal Fluids are used to craft a few structures and some Pal Gear.
  • Penking Plume palworld item penking plume Penking Plumes are dropped by Penking. Penking Plumes can be used to craft the Penking Cap.
  • Precious Items Precious Items drop from Alpha and Lucky Pals. They have no use except to sell to Traveling Merchants.
    • Precious Pelt palworld item precious pelt Obtained from low-level Alpha and Lucky Pals. Sells for 500 Gold.
    • Precious Claw palworld item precious claw Obtained from Alpha and Lucky Pals with Claws. Sells for 650 Gold.
    • Precious Entrails palworld item precious entrails Obtained from high-level Alpha and Lucky Pals. Sells for 850 Gold.
    • Precious Dragon Stone palworld item precious dragon stone Obtained from Alpha and Lucky Dragon-Type Pals. Sells for 1000 Gold.
    • Precious Plume palworld item precious plume Obtained From Alpha and Lucky Pals with Feathers. Sells for 750 Gold.
  • Tocotoco Feather palworld item tocotoco feather Tocotoco Feathers are dropped by Tocotocos. Tocotoco Feathers are used in the Tocotoco Cap and the Tocotoco Gloves.
  • Venom Gland palworld item venom gland Venom Glands are dropped by certain night-themed Pals, including, Cawgnito, Daedream, Depresso, Helzephyr, Killamari, and Menasting. Venom Glands are used to make Poison weapons and ammo and some Pal Gear.
  • Wool palworld item wool Wool is dropped from wooly Pals, including Cremis, Kingpaca Cryst, Kingpaca, Lamball, Melpaca, Swee, and Sweepa. It is used to craft Cloth and several kinds of Pal Gear.

Farmed Resources

Each of these resources can be grown using a structure in Palworld. They can all be consumed by themselves, or used for recipes to create higher-quality food. For plants, the required seeds to grow them are all dropped by Pals.

  • Tomato palworld item tomato– Tomatoes can be farmed by planting Tomato Seeds in a Tomato Plantation (Tech Level 33). Tomato Seeds are dropped by Broncherry, Dinossom Lux, Mossanda, Vaelet, and Wumpo Botan.
  • Lettuce palworld item lettuce– Tomatoes can be farmed by planting Tomato Seeds in a Lettuce Plantation (Tech Level 38). Tomato Seeds are dropped by Bristla, Broncherry Aqua, Cinnamoth, and Wumpo Botan.
  • Wheat palworld item wheat– Wheat can be farmed by planting Tomato Seeds in a Wheat Plantation (Tech level 15). Wheat Seeds are dropped by Bristla, Dinossom, Flopie, Cinnamoth, and Robinquill. Wheat can be turned into Flour by using a Mill (Tech Level 15).
  • Red Berries palworld item red berries– Red Berries can be farmed by planting Berry Seeds in a farm, or gathered from the world. Red Berries are also dropped by Caprity and Cattiva. Their seeds can be gathered from Red Berry Bushes, or dropped by Lifmunks.

Raw Food

Raw Food is dropped by Pals, and can be used to create a variety of dishes or eaten as is. Raw Food will eventually expire and disappear from your inventory if carried, and so it should be cooked or stores in a Cooler Box or Refrigerator quickly (though there are exploits to make it last indefinitely).

  • Broncery Meat palworld item broncherry meat– Drops from Broncherry.
  • Cotton Candy palworld item cotton candy– Drops from Woolipop.
  • Egg palworld item egg– Drops from Chikipi.
  • Eithyrdeer Venison palworld item eithyrdeer venison– Drops from Eithyrdeer.
  • Galeclaw Poultry palworld item galeclaw poultry– Drops from Galeclaw.
  • Honey palworld item honey– Drops from Cinnamoth, Beegarde, Elizabee, and Warsect.
  • Lamball Mutton palworld item lamball mutton– Drops from Lamball.
  • Mammorest Meat palworld item mammorest meat– Drops from Mammorest.
  • Milk palworld item milk– Drops from Mozzarina.
  • Mozzarina Meat palworld item mozzarina meat– Drops from Mozzarina.
  • Raw Dumud palworld item raw dumud– Drops from Dumud.
  • Raw Kelpsea palworld item raw kelpsea– Drops from Kelpsea.
  • Rushoar Pork palworld item rushoar pork– Drops from Rushroar.
  • Caprity Meat palworld item caprity meat– Drops from Caprity.
  • Chikipi Poultry palworld item chikipi poultry– Drops from Chikipi.


All Gems come from defeating Alpha Pals, usually at the end of dungeons. They are random drops from those Alpha Pals, and are only useful for selling to Merchants in exchange for Gold.

  • Diamond palworld item diamond– Diamonds are dropped by Alpha Frostallion, Jetragon, and Paladius. Diamonds can be sold to Wandering Merchants for 1250 Gold.
  • Emerald palworld item eemerald– Emeralds cannot be acquired in the current version of Palworld. Emeralds can be sold to Wandering Merchants for 1000 Gold.
  • Sapphire palworld item sapphire– Sapphires are dropped by Alpha Mau Cryst, Relaxaurus, and Vanwyrm Cryst. Sapphires can be sold to Wandering Merchants for 750 Gold.
  • Ruby palworld item ruby– Rubies are dropped by Alpha Direhowl, Relaxaurus, and Vanwyrm. Rubies can be sold to Wandering Merchants for 500 Gold.

Pal Souls

Pal souls are most often found littered about the world, but can also be found in chests or dropped from Pals. They are used to enhance your Pals at a Statue of Power.

  • Small Pal Soul palworld item small pal soul– Dropped by Cawgnito, Daedream, Felbat, Maraith, Nox, and Tombat.
  • Medium Pal Soul palworld item medium pal soul– Dropped by Helzephyr.
  • Large Pal Soul palworld item large pal soul– Dropped by Anubis, Frostallion Noct, and Necromus.

Now that you know where to find or how to make all the resources in Palworld, you’re more than ready to go out, collect some goodies, and set up your base. You might need some extra storage for all those goodies.

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