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Marcus and Faleris are the leaders of the only police force of Palworld — you might’ve met them if you attacked humans or went to the Nature Preserves — and they act like it. With the first flying Tower Boss, Marcus and Faleris are aggressive, dangerous, and unpredictable, making them a deadly adversary. Found in the deep eastern deserts at the PIDF Tower, Marcus and Faleris will the penultimate challenge for most players.

Thankfully, we’ve got you covered: this guide will help you figure out how to defeat Marcus and Faleris, including what Pals to bring, what equipment to use, and strategies to avoid every possible attack.

Marcus and Faleris are only slightly more powerful than Axel and Orserk, and so will be taken on only a few levels after them. However, those levels come with some very important changes. Most players can expect to take on Marcus and Faleris around player Level 45, after unlocking the Assault Rifle. Any Pals they bring with should also be at or above this level, so that you can take full advantage of your level and their abilities.

As for Pals: Faleris is a Fire palworld element fire Pal, meaning that it is weak against Water palworld element water Pals. Ideally, you will want to stock up on Water palworld element water Pals, then, especially Alpha Pals (Indicated with Asterisks). Some of the best Pals to put in your party are as follows:

  • Jormuntide (Water palworld element water/Dragon palworld element dragon): One of the most powerful Pals in general, Jormuntide is so effective against Faleris that you might want to bring several.
  • Elphidran Aqua (Water palworld element water/Dragon palworld element dragon): Breed between Elphidran and Surfent, Elphidran Aqua has a good moveset and can even be useful as a mount, a rarity in Tower Boss fights.
  • Suzaku Aqua (Water palworld element water): An aggressive and tough Pal with a great moveset, and only water moves.
  • Relaxaurus (Water palworld element water/Dragon palworld element dragon): So long as you’ve changed Relaxaurus’s moveset to be entirely water-based, it can be incredibly effective against any Fire palworld element fire Pals.

At the end of the day, however, you should also simply select Pals you enjoy using, so long as they aren’t t a type disadvantage against the Marcus and Faleris (so no Leaf palworld element leaf Pals).

Before challenging Marcus and Faleris, you should ensure that all equipment is fully repaired, and that you and your Pals are all fully fed. You should have the following equipment when you enter the PIDF Tower:

  • Assault Rifle (Technology Level 45)
    • 500+ Assault Rifle Ammo (Technology Level 45)
  • Heat Resistant Refined Metal Armour (Technology Level 40)
    • If struggling: Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armour (Technology Level 48)
  • Hyper Shield (Technology Level 43)

As a flying enemy, Marcus and Faleris is fast-moving, and can be difficult for your Pals to hit. Except to recall and resummon your Pals often, both to avoid attacks and to keep up the pressure. However, aside from flying, Marcus and Faleris actually have a similar moveset to other bosses you’ve fought, having an incredibly wide range of moves from them. As such, playing it safe and relying on familiar strategies is a sound approach to this fight, as is resource management.

In general, it is usually not ideal to mount or carry Pals whose equipment you have during Tower Boss battles, and Marcus and Faleris are no exception: mounting or carrying Pals reduces your ability to dodge and makes it more likely that any given attack will hit both you and your Pal. Instead, you should let your Pal attack Marcus and Faleris on its own, just keeping an eye on its HP so you can withdraw it if need by.

Most of Marcus and Faleris’s attacks come out quickly and without much telegraphing, and what few attacks are telegraphed can be hard to identify between the bird’s rapid wing movements. As such, be prepared to act as attacks appear, instead of according to Faleris’s pose.

Marcus and Faleris have a whopping 11 different attacks, which you can dodge or avoid as follows:

Pals should be recalled during this attack.

To avoid being hit by the high-damage bolt, you will need to dodge and run out of the red radius, being clear of it before Faleris summons the bolt.

marcus and faleris aoe lightning blast

This attack has two dangerous aspects. First, you must dodge the actual ignis ball itself, which has tremendous power and good tracking. Then, keep running or dodging away, and stay away for a moment, to avoid the damaging fire it leaves behind.

The arena’s pillars can block this attack.

marcus and faleris fire blast

Faleris will approach you, and then you will simply need to dodge to the side and keep running to avoid the flame. If it hits you, it will deal some damage over time.

marcus and faleris fire breath

You should dodge once you see the still fireball flash, in order to avoid the shotgun-like scattershot of this attack.

The arena’s pillars can block this attack.

marcus and faleris fire scatter

Pals in the range of this attack should be recalled.

As the ground begins to swelter with flame, find a place — either outside the range of the attack or between spouts — where there is no flame. When the attack goes off, you will not take any damage.

marcus and faleris fire swell

Pals targeted by this attack should be recalled.

Faleris’s two-part signature ability is actually very easy to avoid. Simply walk to the side when you see the twin tornados, and then dodge as Faleris dives toward you. This move is much more dangerous to Pals.

marcus and faleris fire tornado charge

This fast moving fireball can be dodges to the side.

The arena’s pillars can block this attack.

marcus and faleris fireball

Pals targeted by this attack should be recalled.

If you notice a grow glowing blue and yellow orb appear below the boss, be ready to time a dodge to the release of that energy just as Faleris jerks forward. Once it does, dodge to the side and keep running in the direction to dodges.

Pillars DO NOT block this attack.

marcus and faleris lightning beam

When you see a small red circle appear on the ground, simply dodge or run out of it before the flaming rock spouts from the ground.

marcus and faleris rock spikes

Three quick-moving fireballs will come at you. So long as you dodge the first flare and keep moving to the side, the other 2 will miss.

The arena’s pillars can block this attack.

marcus and faleris tri fire

Pals targeted by this attack should be recalled.

When you see a sparking blue circle appear on the ground, move away from it, and from the next two which will appear. So long as you are on the move, the attack will miss.

marcus and faleris tri lightning strike

Eventually, by reacting well to Faleris’s attacks, using the right Pals and equipment, and staying focused, you will be able to take out Marcus and Faleris. With that, you’ve taken on the penultimate challenge of Palworld! However, one Tower Boss still remains: Victor and Shadowbeak at the Pal Genetic Research Unit Tower, the hardest challenge currently in Palworld.

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