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The fastest way to level up in Palworld is by capturing or defeating Alpha Pals. However, Alpha Pals can be challenging to find, are not always scaled to the areas they are found in, and take time to respawn. And so, when you want to level up quickly, the best way to do it is by setting up farming routes to take on Alpha Pals in a row. But what are the best routes? This guide and its maps should help you determine that.

Alpha Pal Farming Routes

The following maps are the ideal routes to farm XP at the given levels. Each map shows an ideal route, the Pals you’ll face on it, and the best Pal Type to deal damage to each Pal. When planning your farming routes, you should consult these maps to do them in the most efficient order.

Below each map, the route is explained in more detail, including a list of the Alpha Pals, their types, their exact level, and what type is best to face them (based on both the type weaknesses and other Pals on the route), as well as any additional notes.

palworld alpha farming beginner

The Beginner Route, intended to level up to Level 15 or 20, sees you sticking to the relatively safe southern archipelago. All Alpha Pals along it are a short walk from each other or a Fast Travel location, four of them are vulnerable to the same common element, and all of them are a reasonable distance from the default starting location.

  • Sweepa (Lv. 11 Ice): Weak to Fire
  • Gummoss (Lv. 11 Grass/Ground): Weak to Fire (or Grass)
  • Penking (Lv. 15 Ice/Water): Weak to Fire (or Electric)
  • Chillet (Lv. 11 Ice/Dragon): Weak to Fire (or Ice)
  • Grintale (Lv. 17 Neutral): Weak to Dark
    • Note: Grintale is a higher level and has different weaknesses than the other Pals, and so should be considered optional.
palworld alpha farming intermediate

This intermediate route is meant to cater to players who’ve established themselves in Palworld’s central islands and are growing in rank, but still aren’t quite strong enough to take on the higher level Bosses and Pals and still will be lacking some higher-tier equipment. It still prioritizes similar weaknesses, short distances, and easy access from early locations.

  • Grintale (Lv. 17 Neutral): Weak to Dark
  • Kingpaca (Lv. 23 Neutral): Weak to Dark
  • Fenglope (Lv. 25 Neutral): Weak to Dark
  • Felbat (Lv. 23 Dark): Weak to Dragon
  • Katress (Lv. 23 Dark): Weak to Dragon
palworld alpha farming expert

The Expert Farming Route sees you venturing further into the central islands. It still avoids the extreme areas, but at this point most of the Pals you will be facing will be tough. That said, they are all weak to two common elements, and so party composition should be simple. For this longest route, the priority is on speed and type matching.

  • Beakon (Lv. 29 Electricity): Weak to Water
  • Relaxaurus Lux (Lv. 31 Electricity/Dragon): Weak to Water (or Ice)
  • Univolt (Lv. 31 Electricity): Weak to Water
  • Petallia (Lv. 29 Grass): Weak to Fire
  • Elizabee (Lv. 31 Grass): Weak to Fire
    • Elizabee is uniquely difficult to locate, being found in a cave whose entrance is on the east side of her island, near the beach.
  • Warsect (Lv. 30 Grass/Ground): Weak to Fire (and Grass)
  • Verdash (Lv. 35 Grass): Weak to Fire
    • Because Verdash is a slightly higher level, it is an optional Pal, best to add at the end of a route once you feel confident you can reliably take it on.
palworld alpha farming master 2

The final, Master Farming Route sees you taking on some of the strongest Alpha Pals in the game, and the most lucrative. For this route, players will need to prepare warm clothing in order to traverse the mountains, but will not need to prepare for any heat. All Pals on this list are also weak to the same elemental type — Fire — making party composition a breeze.

  • Wumpo Botan (Level 38 Grass): Weak to Fire
  • Mammorest (Level 38 Grass): Weak to Fire (he deserves it)
  • Vaelet (Level 38 Grass): Weak to Fire
  • Verdash (Lv. 35 Grass): Weak to Fire
    • Once you are a high enough level, Verdash can be skipped.
  • Sibelyx (Lv. 40 Ice): Weak to Fire

This list should be extended once the player reached a high enough level (Around Level 45) to include the following.

  • Ice Kingpaca (Lv. 46 Ice): Weak to Fire
  • Frostallion (Lv. 50 Ice): Weak to Fire

The following map shows all Pals on the above maps, in case you need a quick reference for the easiest Alpha Pals to farm. The colored border around each Pal indicated their difficulty and intended route.

palworld xp guide full map
All the routes visualized together.

With this, you should have everything you need to quickly level up by capturing Alpha Pals at any stage of the game. If you’ve found any optimal strategies, alternate routes, or tips and tricks to take on the trickier Alpha Pals, share them in the comments below!

(P.S.: It is a fun fact that, across all routes, you only need 4 Pal Types total to take on each of these Alpha Pals, and that more than half of the Pals on these routes are weak to Fire specifically.)

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