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The Pals you keep back at your base in Palworld are just as important as those you bring with you in your Party. But, when you leave them to their own devices, you might end up with Pals not exactly doing what you want. Maybe they decide that chopping down trees is more important than making Pal Spheres, or that wandering around is a lot more useful than smelting the ore in your furnace. Whatever the case, this guide will help you assign the Pals in your base to where they need to be.

Before you assign a Pal to a task, you need to be sure they will be able to accomplish it. Pals and crafting equipment are all labelled according to Work Suitability, and in order for a Pal to do a task, they must possess at least 1 level of Work Suitability appropriate to that task. For instance, smelting Ore into Ingots using a furnace requires the “Kindling (palworld work suitability kindling)” Work Suitability, so you will need a Pal with at least 1 level of Kindling to accomplish it.

The full list of Work Suitability is as follows:

  • Kindling (palworld work suitability kindling)
  • Planting (palworld work suitability planting)
  • Handiwork (palworld work suitability handiwork)
  • Lumbering (palworld work suitability deforesting)
  • Medicine (palworld work suitability medicine production)
  • Transporting (palworld work suitability transporting)
  • Watering (palworld work suitability watering)
  • Generating Electricity (palworld work suitability electricity generation)
  • Gathering (palworld work suitability gathering)
  • Mining (palworld work suitability mining)
  • Cooling (palworld work suitability cooling)
  • Farming (palworld work suitability farming)

The higher the level of Work Suitability a Pal is for any given task, the more efficiently they will accomplish that task.

The easiest way to convince your Pals back at base to work on a specific task is with some manual direction. To do this, you simply need to walk up the Pal that you’ve assigned to the base and pick them up (computer key f t/button xbox x v2 by default on keyboard). Once they are in your hand, you simply need to walk them over to the thing you want to assign them to and press computer key f t/button xbox x v2 again while aiming at it. This will throw the Pal, and assign them to the task if they are able to do it.

palworld assign labor 1 lift
Press computer key f t/button xbox x v2 to Lift

If the Pal has the appropriate Work Suitability to accomplish the first task they hit, and if there is something to do at that task, they will assign themselves to it, and get to work immediately. Otherwise, if they aren’t suitable or there isn’t work to do, they will return to their default free roaming work state, where they will go around accomplishing tasks, starting with that which they are most suited for.

A pal in your party will also contribute to any work you start doing, if they are summoned and have Work Suitability for it. For instance, if you start to break a tree and a Pal with at least 1 level in Lumbering (palworld work suitability deforesting) is summoned, they will also start helping you, regardless of if you are at base or not. While this isn’t automated, it can make menial tasks that you do manually or out in the field much faster.

Now that you can assign your Pals to work, it’s time to put those Depressos to work in the mines. Those stones don’t harvest themselves!

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