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Once you build a base in Palworld, you can assign your Pals to work on some of the tasks for you there. There are many different types of jobs available at a base, and different Pals are able to work on different things. In this guide, we will go over what these jobs are and how to tell which ones a given Pal can do.

There are a total of 12 different jobs that can be done inside your base:

  • Kindling
  • Watering
  • Planting
  • Generating Electricity
  • Handiwork
  • Gathering
  • Lumbering
  • Mining
  • Medicine Production
  • Cooling
  • Transporting
  • Farming

Each of these Jobs is related to crafting or interacting with specific structures — for example, Kindling is used to cook over a Fireplace.

Below we will describe what each of the individual jobs is used for:

palworld work suitability kindling

Kindling is a job associated with fire-related structures — namely furnaces and cooking pots. While not a widely used job, the things it is used for are very helpful. It is mostly associated with Fire Type Pals.

palworld work suitability watering

The Watering job involves structures that need to be watered. This will mostly involve plantations, but also things that involve a water wheel like a Crusher. Water Type Pals will be the most common one to be able to do these jobs.

palworld work suitability planting

The Planting job is essential for plantations — this job involves planting seeds in them so the plants can start growing. This job will be largely associated with Grass Type Pals.

palworld work suitability electricity generation

This job involves powering structures that involve electronics. Note that, while there are useful structures that use this job, none of them can be constructed until later in the game, so you can ignore it for the early stages. This job is mainly associated with Electric Type Pals.

palworld work suitability handiwork

This is arguably one of the most essential jobs, and one of the first ones you will want to fill. Handiwork involves a wide variety of tasks, from building structures, to crafting items at many of the benches you can make. A wide variety of Pals can have Handiwork — particularly the ones that have hands.

palworld work suitability gathering

Another job that is mostly associated with plantations, Gathering involves harvesting plants from these structures once they have fully grown. There’s a variety of Pals that can be associated with this job, which includes Chikipi, Vixy, and Daedream.

palworld work suitability deforesting

The sole purpose of Lumbering is to cut down trees to produce Wood. While this may seem really restrictive, Wood is used for just about every structure, making it a very important resource to have handy. A variety of Pals can be associated with this job, which includes Lifmunk, Tanzee, and Eikthyrdeer.

palworld work suitability mining

This job involves mining stones and ores to produce a variety of materials. The most common material from mining is Rocks, which is essential for building most of the structures in the game. A wide variety of Pals can be associated with this job, which includes Cattiva, Depresso, and Rushoar.

palworld work suitability medicine production

Medicine Production involves creating various buffing and healing items from Medicine Stations. While this is helpful, you won’t be able to create these items right away, so this is a job you don’t have to worry about for a little bit. A variety of Pals can be associated with this job, but it is more common with Grass Types.

palworld work suitability cooling

This job is mostly associated with just the refrigerators — this will keep them running in order to help preserve your perishable foods. The usefulness of this job will depend on how much food you need to store. This job is mostly associated with Ice Type Pals.

palworld work suitability transporting

Transporting is a very helpful job that relates to any structures that produce resources, such as plantations and Logging Sites. Once the resource is ready to be collected, this job will involve collecting those resources and delivering them to one of your Storage Boxes, allowing it to be used. A wide variety of Pals can be associated with this job, which includes Lamball, Pengullet, and Hangyu.

palworld work suitability farming

This job allows you to produce a variety of materials with Ranches — Wool and Milk, for example. A variety of Pals can be associated with this job, particularly ones that resemble barn animals.

Now that we know what all of the various jobs are for, we need to figure out how to check which Pals can do which job. Every Pal is able to accomplish at least one of these while assigned to a base.

To check what job(s) a Pal is associated with:

  • Either (1) go into the Palbox and highlight a Pal, or (2) head to the Party Menu and select one to view its stats.
  • Look for a section called “Work Suitability” — for the Party Tab, you will find it in the bottom-right corner.
  • Available Job Types will be highlighted in this section.
palworld work suitability
The icon for any job(s) a Pal is associated with will be colored

In this section, any job a Pal can accomplish will have white text (as opposed to grey), and will have a level next to it. The level determines how efficient the Pal will be at their job, with the highest being 4. While some Pals will only specialize in a single job, many of them will be suited for 2 or more, making them a lot more flexible for work at your base.

Once you have figured out what your Pals are capable of doing and what kind of jobs you need to get done, you can assign the ones best suited to your needs and develop a fully self-sufficient base!

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