How to Defeat Chillet Alpha Boss – Palworld

Chillet is likely the first boss you will end up fighting in Palworld — he is amongst the lowest-leveled Alpha Pals in the game (along with Sweepa and Gumoss). He is also not that far away from where you start in the game. In this guide, we will go over where to find him, and how to defeat him.

Chillet can be found just southwest of the Fort Ruins Great Eagle Statue (173, -418), and is in a large, open area. If you don’t see him there, he is likely crossing the bridge just northwest from here.

palworld chillet location map

The Chillet Alpha is level 11, and you will want to be around the same level as him to get the best results. You will also want to have the best armor you can craft before tackling him. Bringing a few Fire and Ice Pals along will help you with damage as well.

Chillet only has 2 attacks he will use on you:

  • Ice Missle
  • Dragon Cannon

Both of these attacks are fairly straightforward to dodge — just be mindful that the projectile from Dragon Cannon can move pretty quickly. Make sure to keep your Pal out so it can take some of the attention off of you, and rotate your Pals if you see one getting low on health. If you have Fire or Ice Pals, you should be able to get Chillet’s health down quickly.

palworld chillet fight

If you wish to capture Chillet, it will be possible with just a regular Pal Sphere, though a Mega Sphere would make it easier if you’re able to get your hands on some. Since this is one of the earlier bosses, the chance to catch him will be fairly good regardless. If you accidentally defeat him before you can catch him, don’t worry, as he will respawn in about an hour (this rule applies to all bosses).

As long as you avoid his attacks, the fight should go pretty smoothly. Once you beat him, you can grab your Ancient Civilization Parts (and Ancient Technology Point if this is your first time beating him).

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