Where to Get Wheat Seeds – Palworld

Wheat is a great resource to make food such as Bread. While Wheat can be an easy resource to farm in your base, you will first need to obtain some Wheat Seeds, and it can be pretty unclear exactly how to get them. So, in this guide, we will go over all of the ways you can obtain Wheat Seeds!

There are 3 different ways to get Wheat Seeds:

  • Buy from a vendor
  • Drops from Pals
  • Gather from Wheat Plantations

You cannot create a Wheat Plantation without Wheat Seeds, so you will have to use one of the other two methods first in order to get the seeds themselves. The quickest way will be to simply buy them from a vendor. They can either be found in a settlement, or if you happen to find a Wandering Merchant while you explore, you can purchase the seeds from them. Buying Wheat Seeds from the Merchant will cost you 100 Gold each.

palworld merchant

Alternatively, there are a few Pals that can drop Wheat Seeds, so you can hunt these down if you want to save your money. To check which Pals will drop it, you will first have to encounter a Pal in the wild and catch it so that its information gets added to your Paldeck. That done, you can check the Pal’s Stats menu in the Paldeck to see what items a Pal can drop — one example of a Pal that drops Wheat Seeds is Flopie.

Once you’ve obtained 3 Wheat Seeds (along with some Stone and Wood), you can build a Wheat Plantation in your base! After this is built, you can automatically get more Wheat Seeds and Wheat if you have the right combination of Pals assigned to your base (you’ll need at least one that can water, one that can plant, and one that can gather).

Below is a list of the Pals that can drop Wheat Seeds:

Pal Name
Paldeck Number
Habitat (click to zoom)
palworld flopie habitat
palworld bristla habitat
palworld cinnamoth habitat
palworld robinquill habitat
Robinquill Terra
palworld robinquill terra habitat
palworld dinossom habitat

Once you have the Wheat Plantation up and running, you won’t have much need for Wheat Seeds themselves (unless you wish to make more plantations). From here, you’re free to use the Wheat to make some more food!

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