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Breeding can be a very effective tool in Palworld — you can create more powerful Pals, and get them a great combination of passives. On top of this, there are late-game Pals you can get much earlier, or even exclusively via breeding. In this guide, we will go over the basic process for how to breed your Pals, and then look at some of the best Pals you can breed in the game!

Before you can even think of breeding your Pals, you must first reach level 19, and learn the Breeding Farm structure under Technology. Building it will be easy to make since all of the materials are very common (100 Wood, 200 Stone, and 50 Fiber), but you will need a huge flat surface to build it on — this is arguably the single largest structure you can build in Palworld.

Once the Farm is built, you will need 3 things to start breeding: a male Pal, a female Pal, and 1 Cake for each egg you want them to produce — this can be made on a Cooking Pot with 5 Flour, 8 Red Berries, 7 Milk, 8 Eggs, and 2 Honey (we have a guide on Where to Get Honey, if you happen to need help with that!). Note that Cake might take a bit of time to cook.

Once you have it all, assign two Pals of your choice to the Breeding Farm, and place the Cake(s) in the attached Feed Box.

palworld breeding barn
Once you have the Pals and Cake, you just have to wait for the pair to produce an egg!

Now that we know how to breed, let’s take advantage of it and make some awesome Pals! Something important to know is that a set combination will always produce the same Pal, so if you find a combination that produces a Pal you want, you can keep having those two Pals breed to keep getting the same result.

Make a note of this fact for when you are trying to get a Pal with a better combo of Passives — offspring have a higher chance of inheriting Passives from their parents, but otherwise the set is randomly generated. You can keep breeding until you get the Pal you want!

We could also use the Breeding system to our advantage to get some Pals much earlier than you normally would from catching them. On top of that, there are a few Pals you can only get from breeding. Below we will go over what they are, what makes them great catches, and breeding combinations for getting them.

It’s worth noting that it is also possible to get some of these Pals from eggs you find in the world, but since this approach yields random results, this would not be a reliable way to try to obtain a specific Pal you are interested in.

Note: Pals below are listed in the order they appear in the Paldeck: their unique features come useful for a variety of cases, from travel, to farming resources, to working at the base, or dealing damage — which ones suit your playstyle the most is going to be up to you!

  • Work Suitability: Electricity Lv. 2
  • Partner Skill: Jumping Force
  • Active Skills: Sand Blast, Spark Blast, Shockwave, Stone Blast, Electric Ball, Lightning Streak

Rayhound is a very mobile mount, as it has the ability to double jump, which makes it much easier to hop over obstacles when traveling. On top of this, it is great for breeding other powerful Pals. Normally, you can only find it in the most northeast area of the map in the desert, where it will be level 30+.

palworld rayhound

Here are the combinations you can use to obtain it:

  • Penking + Caprity
  • Direhowl + Nitewing
  • Direhowl + Sweepa
  • Celaray + Incineram
  • Melpaca + Incineram
  • Melpaca + Surfent
  • Eikthyrdeer + Surfent
  • Work Suitability: Kindling Lv. 2
  • Partner Skill: Clear Mind
  • Active Skills: Spirit Fire, Ignis Blast, Spirit Flame, Flare Storm, Daring Flames, Ignis Rage

Kitsun is one of the best mounts in the game, as riding it will protect you from both the heat and cold. This removes the need to swap between Heat and Cold resist armor when you go to certain areas. However, it’s a hard Pal to find normally — it only spawns in a specific frozen mountain towards the northeastern side of the map, and even then it will only show up at night.

palworld kitsun

Here are the combinations you can use to obtain it:

  • Gumoss + Sweepa
  • Gumoss + Mossanda
  • Gumoss + Nitewing
  • Rooby + Penking
  • Tanzee + Nitewing
  • Penking + Rushoar
  • Celaray + Arsox
  • Fuddler + Mossanda
  • Work Suitability: Lumbering Lv. 2, Watering Lv. 3
  • Partner Skill: Amicable Water Dragon
  • Active Skills: Aqua Gun, Hydro Jet, Dragon Burst, Dragon Cannon, Acid Rain, Mystic Whirlwind, Hydro Laser

Elphidran Aqua is a Pal that you can only get through breeding. Its Partner Skill increases material drops from Fire Pals, which makes it more easy to farm them with Elphidran Aqua in your party. This can assist you with resources like Leather (which you will always find use for) and Fire Souls, provided you don’t have a Barn setup to create them at your base.

palworld elphidran aqua

Here are the combinations you can use to obtain it:

  • Surfent + Elphidran
  • Elphidran Aqua + Elphidran Aqua
  • Work Suitability: Mining Lv. 3, Cooling Lv. 3
  • Partner Skill: Ice-Loving Beast
  • Active Skills: Ice Missile, Stone Blast, Iceberg, Cryst Breath, Blizzard Spike, Frost Burst

Reptyro Cryst is a Pal that you can only get through breeding. It makes a great addition to any base constructed specifically for Mining (with lvl. 3 in Mining), and its Partner Skill improves mining efficiency while mounted, which will come very handy for collecting ore while exploring.

palworld reptyro cryst

Here are the combinations you can use to obtain it:

  • Foxcicle + Reptyro
  • Ice Reptyro + Ice Reptyro
  • Work Suitability: Handiwork Lv. 4, Transporting Lv. 2, Mining Lv. 3
  • Partner Skill: Guardian of the Desert
  • Active Skills: Stone Blast, Power Bomb, Sand Tornado, Ground Smash, Forceful Charge, Spinning Roundhouse

Anubis is one of the most highly sought after Pals in the game. Not only is it the only Pal in the game with level 4 in Handiwork (meaning it will craft quicker than any other Pal at your base), but it also has great Mining and good Transporting, making it an excellent worker.

On top of this, it is arguably the strongest Ground Type Pal to fight with in the game — not only will it let your attacks to do Ground damage while it’s out, but you will also gain an attack boost while fighting with it. Because of this you normally can’t catch Anubis until much later, as a level 47 Alpha Pal.

Breeding will allow you to get it much sooner, which will make it that much more useful!

palworld anubis

Here are the combinations you can use to obtain it:

  • Quivern + Chillet
  • Penking + Bushi
  • Tombat + Ragnahawk
  • Incineram + Surfent
  • Nitewing + Rayhound
  • Arsox + Pyrin
  • Caprity + Beakon
  • Mossanda + Katress
  • Eikthyrdeer + Beakon
  • Work Suitability: Watering Lv. 3
  • Partner Skill: Wings of Water
  • Active Skills: Ice Missile, Aqua Gun, Hydro Jet, Ignis Blast, Cryst Breath, Aqua Burst, Blizzard Spike

Suzaku Aqua is another Pal that you can only get through breeding. Its Partner Skill will boost the Water damage for both of you while mounted (note that this is a flying mount), making it a powerful Pal to bring with you against Fire Types.

palworld suzaku aqua

Here are the combinations you can use to obtain it:

  • Jormuntide + Suzaku
  • Suzaku Aqua + Suzaku Aqua
  • Work Suitability: Handiwork Lv. 2, Lumbering Lv. 2, Transporting Lv. 3, Electricity Lv. 3
  • Partner Skill: Yellow Tank
  • Active Skills: Spark Blast, Shockwave, Lightning Streak, Tri-Lightning, Lightning Claw, Lightning Strike

In addition to being one of the mascot Pals of Palworld, Grizzbolt also makes a great addition to your team or your bases. It has a great spread of skills that will allow you to use it in any base setup. Alternatively, you can use it in battle and allow it to pull out a minigun to mow down foes. It can be hard to find in the wild, as it only appears as a rare spawn in the No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary.

palworld grizzbolt

Here are the combinations you can use to obtain it:

  • Mossanda + Rayhound
  • Grizzbolt + Grizzbolt
  • Work Suitability: Planting Lv. 4, Handiwork Lv. 3, Medicine Lv. 3, Gathering Lv. 2
  • Partner Skill: Harvest Goddess
  • Active Skills: Seed Machine Gun, Wind Cutter, Seed Mine, Grass Tornado, Spine Vine, Aqua Burst

Lyleen is one of the best Grass Pals you can get — along with having great attacks, it is one of the only Pals that can heal you in combat! It is also an excellent base worker, being the only level 4 Planter in the game, as well as being able to craft, make medicine, and gather on top of that. Outside of breeding this Pal can only be found in the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary, which would require a very high level.

palworld lyleen

Here are the combinations you can use to obtain it:

  • Mossanda + Petallia
  • Lyleen + Lyleen
  • Work Suitability: Kindling Lv. 3, Transporting Lv. 3
  • Partner Skill: Scorching Predator
  • Active Skills: Ignis Breath, Spirit Fire, Ignis Blast, Flare Arrow, Ignis Rage, Phoenix Flare

Faleris is not only the second fastest flying mount in the game (only bested by the legendary Jetragon), but its high Kindling and Transporting make it a great addition to your base. Additional motivation for breeding it is that you can only find it in the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary (so, not until you’re at a very high level).

palworld faleris

Here are the combinations you can use to obtain it:

  • Vanwyrm + Anubis
  • Faleris + Faleris
  • Work Suitability: Gathering Lv. 1
  • Partner Skill: Modified DNA
  • Active Skills: Air Cannon, Dark Ball, Shadow Burst, Spirit Flame, Nightmare Ball, Divine Disaster

Shadowbeak is considered both one of the best flying mounts in the game, and among the strongest Dark Pals. While mounted, it will boost the Dark damage for both of you, allowing you to take down enemies quickly. Like some of the other very powerful Pals on this list, it can normally only be found in the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary.

palworld shadowbeak

Here are the combinations you can use to obtain it:

  • Kitsun + Astegon
  • Shadowbeak + Shadowbeak
  • Work Suitability: Gathering Lv. 4
  • Partner Skill: Black Steed
  • Active Skills: Air Cannon, Dark Ball, Spirit Fire, Shadow Burst, Spirit Flame, Nightmare Ball, Crystal Wing

Frostallion Noct is the only Legendary Pal that can’t be caught using the traditional method, meaning you would have to breed it. Its Partner Skill will convert all of your damage to Dark type, as well as boost Dark damage for both you and Frostallion Noct while mounted, making it a very powerful addition to your party.

palworld forstallion noct

Here are the combinations you can use to obtain it:

  • Frostallion + Helzephyr
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i recommend breeding faleris its a very good pal