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Dotted across the islands of Palworld, there are five mysterious towers. In each, powerful Pal masters — leaders of their respective factions — team up with their extraordinary Pals to fight intruders. That means you.

These tough Tower Bosses are the hardest fights in Palworld, testing your abilities both individually and as a unit with your Pals. Their towers also exist around the islands, with no indication as to the order you should take them on, or what level to do so at, much less what strategies can be used to beat these tough foes. But that’s where this guide comes in. It can help you know which Tower Bosses to take on in which order, at what level, how to defeat each, including tips on type advantages, required armor, and useful weapons.

Below is a map for all five Tower Bosses currently in Palworld, including what level to fight them at (plus or minus about 3 levels for difficulty), what Pal types are effective against them, and what environment they are in (using the color of the text above each).

palworld tower levels
1 zoe and grizzbolt

Level: ~15
Type: Electric palworld element electricity (weak to Earth palworld element earth)
Equipment: Crossbow (200 Arrows), Pelt Armor, Common Shield
Environment: Neutral (No Weather Protection Required)

Zoe and Grizzbolt should be the first Tower Boss you face, and in fact are the final task you will receive in order to complete Palworld’s tutorial. Though they are the first boss, they are no pushovers — you should make sure to get up to at least level 15, have a full roster of Pals at your level (including at least a few Earth types), have repaired equipment, and know how to dodge (button xbox b v2/computer key ctrl t).

2 lily and lyleen

Level: ~25
Type: Leafpalworld element leaf (weak to Fire palworld element fire)
Equipment: Musket (200 Coarse Ammo), Cold Resistant Pelt/Metal Armor, Mega Shield
Environment: Cold (Cold Resistant Armor Required)

Lily and Lyleen are a big jump up from what came before. Not only does getting to their tower require you to undertake some frigid temperatures, but once you make it, Lily and Lyleen will be at the ready to take you on. With faster attacks and much better stats, you should make sure to come loaded, repaired, and swarming with Fire type Pals.

3 axel and orserk

Level: ~40
Type: Electric palworld element electricity/Dragon palworld element dragon (weak to Earth palworld element earth/Ice palworld element ice)
Equipment: Single Shot Rifle (300 Rifle Ammo), Heat Resistant Refined Metal Armor, Giga Shield
Environment: Hot (Heat Resistant Armor Required)

Axel and Orserk are one of the steepest challenges in Palworld, requiring around 15 additional levels more than the previous Tower Boss. While their moveset is actually fairly simple, their high health and damage punishes mistakes harshly, and so having tough Pals, good armor and shields, and lots of practice will be essential to take on this dynamic duo.

4 marcus and faleris

Level: ~45
Type: Fire palworld element fire (weak to Water palworld element water)
Equipment: Assault Rifle (500 AR Ammo), Heat Resistant Refined Metal Armor, Hyper Shield
Environment: Hot (Heat Resistant Armor Required)

Marcus and Faleris have style and flair. And the ability to fly. This makes for a unique fight, one in which you’ll have to watch the sky and keep an eye out for almost entirely fast-moving ranged attacked. Having flying Pals can be useful here, but mostly you’ll want to make sure you are equipped with an Assault Rifle, since many of your Pals will struggle to hit the boss if they are aggro’d on you.

5 victor and shadowbeak

Level: ~50
Type: Dark palworld element dark (weak to Dragon palworld element dragon)
Equipment: Assault Rifle and Rocket Launcher, Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor, Hyper Shield
Environment: Cold (Cold Resistant Armor Required)

Essentially the “final boss” of the current version of Palworld, Victor and Shadowbeak reside on a frigid mountaintop overlooking the rest of the map. This flying duo, like Marcus, can prove very difficult to deal with, but thankfully Assault Rifles and Rocket Launchers do take out big chunks of their health. You’ll need them for the very difficult fight ahead. You should take on Victor and Shadowbeak at Level 50 (max), and when you do you’ll need to be equipped with the best gear, the best Pals for the job, and the best plan.

Now that you can see the order, level, and some tips for taking on each of the Tower Bosses in Palworld, you’ve got your work cut out for you. But, at the very least, you’ll know when to take them on and with what equipment. Best of luck, pal.

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