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You’ve faced it all. Captured Alphas, taken on the other four Tower Bosses. But now, it’s time to take on Palworld’s final, most difficult challenge: Victor and Shadowbeak. This terrifying Tower Boss is the most dangerous enemy in the game, with high stats across the board and a challenging and unique moveset. Found atop the highest mountain at the Pal Genetic Research Unit Tower (a name that should tip you off), Victor and Shadowbeak can be a real nightmare for the unprepared.

Thankfully, we’ve got you covered: this guide will help you figure out how to defeat Victor and Shadowbeak, including what Pals to bring, what equipment to use, and strategies to avoid every possible attack.

Victor and Shadowbeak are the final boss of the game, and like any good final boss, they are best taken on only once you’ve mastered everything else. As such, most players can expect to take on Victor and Shadowbeak at around player Level 50, the max level of the game, after unlocking the Rocket Launcher at Level 49 and the Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armour. Any Pals they bring with should also be at or above this level, so that you can take full advantage of your level and their abilities.

As for Pals: Shadowbeak is a Dark palworld element dark Pal, meaning that it is weak against Dragon palworld element dragon Pals. Ideally, you will want to stock up on Dragon palworld element dragon Pals, then, especially Alpha Pals (Indicated with Asterisks). Thankfully, Dragon palworld element dragon Pals are almost universally some of the deadliest in the game, which you’ll need to take on Victor and Shadowbeak. Some of the best Pals to put in your party are as follows:

  • Jetragon* (Dragon palworld element dragon): Arguably the best, and certainly the fastest, Pal in the game, Jetragon is a must-have when facing off against Shadowbeak. The Alpha can be found on the far wet side of Mount Obsidian.
  • Astegon* (Dragon palworld element dragon/Dark palworld element dark): A deadly tank with incredibly powerful attacks and high HP. The Alpha can be found near the Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Flame.
  • Jormuntide/Jormuntide Ignis (Dragon palworld element dragon/Water palworld element water or Fire palworld element fire): Both types of Jormuntide are powerful dragons with great attacks and defense. Jormuntide Ignis is slightly preferable.
  • Orserk (Dragon palworld element dragon/Electric palworld element electricity): Use your old enemies against your new ones; Orserk was a tank when you fought it with Axel, and it will be a tank against Shadowbeak.
  • Relaxaurus Lux (Dragon palworld element dragon/Electric palworld element electricity): This Relaxaurus variant has great attacks and great stats, and can be a good option against Victor and Shadowbeak. It’s Alpha is also easily attainable on one of the central islands.

At the end of the day, however, you should also simply select Pals you enjoy using, so long as they aren’t t a type disadvantage against the Victor and Shadowbeak (so no Neutral palworld element neutral Pals, sorry Paladius).

Being the final boss of the game, you should only come for Victor and Shadowbeak once you have the best possible equipment in the game. This means that not only should you ensure that all equipment is fully repaired, and that you and your Pals are all fully fed, but also you might want to bring backup equipment in case yours breaks mid-fight. You should have the following equipment when you enter the Pal Genetic Research Unit Tower:

  • Assault Rifle (Technology Level 45)
    • 1000+ Assault Rifle Ammo (Technology Level 45)
  • Rocket Launcher (Technology Level 49)
    • 50+ Rocket Ammo (Technology Level 49)
  • Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armour (Technology Level 50)
  • Hyper Shield (Technology Level 43)

Victor and Shadowbeak will test everything you have learned with all previous bosses (Tower or otherwise), while also introducing some techniques that — even at level 50 — you might not’ve encountered yet. Victor and Shadowbeak are aggressive, fast, dangerous, and have high HP and Damage, and so should be approached with an excess of caution. You will want to make sure you are creating and exploiting windows to fire your Rocket Launcher, since that will be the most damaging weapon against the Boss.

In general, it is usually not ideal to mount or carry Pals whose equipment you have during Tower Boss battles, and Victor and Shadowbeak are no exception: mounting or carrying Pals reduces your ability to dodge and makes it more likely that any given attack will hit both you and your Pal. Instead, you should let your Pal attack Victor and Shadowbeak on its own, just keeping an eye on its HP so you can withdraw it if need by. The only time you should mount or carry a Pal is if you are launching a powerful attack and then immediately dismounting.

While Victor and Shadowbeak do have many different attack poses, nearly all of their attacks are telegraphed more than most Tower Bosses, placing the focus on timing and positioning instead of reaction speed. While you will have time to react to most of Victor and Shadowbeak’s attacks, reacting incorrectly is an easy way to take damage.

Victor and Shadowbeak have an incredibl 11 different attacks, which you can dodge or avoid as follows:

Pals targeted by this attack should be recalled.

This powerful laser should be dodged while running to the side, and then you should continue running to the side until the beam dissipated.

This attack is NOT blocked by pillars.

victor and shadowbeak dark beam

Pals targeted by this attack should be recalled.

This powerful laser should be dodged while running to the side, and then you should continue running to the side until the beam dissipated.

This attack is NOT blocked by pillars.

victor and shadowbeak dragon beam

Pals targeted by this attack should be recalled.

Many slow moving purple orbs will move toward their target. These can be easily walked around or away from, but Shadowbeak can follow up with any attack, using the orbs as an obstacle.

victor and shadowbeak dark orbs

Pals targeted by this attack can be recalled.

Once the Nightmare Ball glimmers quickly above Shadowbeak’s head, prepare to dodge to the side. The Ball moves very fast.

victor and shadowbeak darkball

Pals should be recalled during this attack.

Tree sentinel, is that you? First, you’ll need to dodge out of the way of Shadowbeak’s charge, and then you need to sprint in an arc so that you are always running perpenticular to the divine rays.

The arena’s pillars can block this attack.

victor and shadowbeak elden stars

Pals frozen by this attack should be recalled.

When you see the white ball flash above Shadowbeak’s head, be ready to dodge, and then keep running (or dodge again) in order to avoid being frozen.

The arena’s pillars can block this attack.

victor and shadowbeak ice blast

Simply dodging and then running to the side is the best way to avoid this attack.

victor and shadowbeak ice breath

When you see a red circle appear on the ground, simply move or dodge out of it.

victor and shadowbeak ice spike

This fast moving wave is notorious for following up more distracting attacks. However, it is best avoided by dodging to the side just before it would hit you.

victor and shadowbeak ice wave

Pals targeted by this attack should be recalled.

This seemingly-slow projectile go just barely faster than you can walk, and have extremely good tracking. To avoid them, you should dodge just before the leading ball hits you, and then sprint away from them. Be wary of Shadowbeak’s next attack.

victor and shadowbeak tri dark

The first of the three ice spikes has the best tracking to you, so it should be avoided as soon as the attack is launched. If you avoid the first hit, you’ll avoid the other 2.

The arena’s pillar can block this attack.

victor and shadowbeak tri ice

Eventually, by reacting well to Shadowbeak’s attacks, using the right Pals and equipment, and staying focused, you will be able to take out this final Tower Boss: Victor and Shadowbeak. With that, you have defeated the hardest challenge in Palworld and, while there may be Pals left to catch and bases left to build, you can say you’ve conquered the hardest part of the game… So far, at least.

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