Where to Get Ancient Technology Points – Palworld

When you’re first leveling up in Palworld and unlocking things with your Technology Points, you may notice a separate resource called Ancient Technology Points. You will need these particular ones to build some of the more advanced structures in the game. However, you won’t gain these points by simply leveling up — you will either need to defeat or catch the game’s bosses. We will cover the process for you, including where you can find these bosses, in the guide below!

The primary way to gain Ancient Technology Points is by defeating bosses. There are 3 different types of bosses you can find in the game:

  • Open World Alpha Pals
  • Dungeon Alpha Pals
  • Syndicate Tower Bosses

It’s worth noting that you can also get Ancient Technology Points by using Ancient Technical Manuals. These can be found within dungeon chests, but as these are random to find, this is not a reliable way to build up points.

Alpha Pals will give you 1 Ancient Technology Point when you either defeat or catch them. It’s important to know, however, that even though Alpha Pals can respawn, they will only grant an Ancient Technology Point the first time you defeat them. This means that you cannot farm these points like you can with the Ancient Civilization Parts.

There are many Alpha Pals you can find throughout the world, and they’re easy to spot — they’re much larger than a normal Pal in their family, and targeting them will show a large health bar at the top of the screen. Additionally, once you’ve gotten close enough to one, the map will show an icon to indicate their location.

palworld alpha pal

You can find Alpha Pals at the end of dungeons. To find a dungeon, look along the walls while exploring the world until you find a cave. When you go to the entrance, there will be an indicator of what level the dungeon is. If you’re up for it, go inside, and at the end of the dungeon an Alpha Pal will be waiting for you.

Finally, you can get points by defeating Syndicate Tower Bosses. Once you discover a Syndicate Tower, it will show on your map as a grey icon in the shape of a tower (it will turn blue once you’ve completed it). These are the hardest of the 3 bosses, so make sure you’re prepared before going in. If you defeat the boss, however, you will earn 5 Ancient Technology Points!

It’s worth noting that just like the Alpha Pals, Syndicate Tower Bosses will only grant you the Ancient Technology Points the first time you defeat them.

Because of the nature of how these bosses grant the points, there is no real way to farm them. So, if you want to get more Ancient Technology Points, you will have to explore more of the world and discover more bosses to take down, or start going through dungeon and trying to find Ancient Technical Manuals!

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