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Your base is often going to be your improvement hub: here you can craft better equipment, spheres to capture powerful Pals, and enhance things for yourself, as well as upgrade your Pals. Yet, you are soon likely to find Breeding to be one of the most beneficial undertakings here.

Not only can this method help you get new, often very powerful Pals (some of which you can’t even find in the wild!), but it can also help you build your own perfect Pal. In this guide, we will go over how to start the breeding process, as well as all of the awesome benefits this system can offer you!

(After you are done here, remember to also check out our list of Best Pals to Breed!)

You will need a few things to breed Pals:

  • A Breeding Farm structure
    • Can be unlocked at level 19
  • A male Pal and a female Pal of your choice
    • Also known as a Breeding Combination — we will link a Breeding Calculator at the end of this guide
  • Cake
    • Made inside a Cooking Pot
  • At least one Egg Incubator
    • You might to keep your egg at the right temperature to hatch it quicker

Now let’s go over the process step-by-step!

To start breeding, you will first have to reach level 19, so you can learn the Breeding Farm structure under Technology. Building it will be easy, since all of the materials are very common (100 Wood, 200 Stone, and 50 Fiber), but you will need a huge flat surface to build it on — this is arguably the single largest structure you can build in Palworld.

Another thing your are going to need is Cake — you will need 1 Cake for every Pal egg you want to make. Cake can be made in a Cooking Pot with 5 Flour, 8 Red Berries, 7 Milk, 8 Eggs, and 2 Honey (we have a guide on Where to Get Honey, if you happen to need help with that!). Note that Cake takes a very long time to make, so having a Pal with level 3 or 4 Kindling will be helpful.

While not necessary, it’s a good idea to build a Cooler Box or Refrigerator to keep your hard-earned Cakes from expiring!

Once everything is set up, place at least one Cake in a Breeding Farm’s attached feed box (1 Cake for every Pal you want to breed), then assign one male and one female Pal to the farm.

Now it’s just a matter of time before they produce an egg!

palworld breeding eggs

Now that you can produce eggs, you will need to hatch them. To do this, you need to build an Egg Incubator — since this requires an Ancient Technology Point to learn, you will need to defeat a boss first. Once you learn it, it will require 30 Stone, 5 Cloth, and 2 Ancient Civilization Parts to build.

With the incubator built, hatching an egg is simple — just place the egg inside. However, beware that you will want to keep them comfortable throughout the process — if an egg gets too hot or too cold, the incubation speed will be reduced. Try placing a heater, a campfire, or a cooler next to it.

After a period of time (depending on the egg size and how comfortable it is), it will hatch into a new Pal!

There are a couple of great benefits to breeding Pals. Not only can you use this to gain powerful Pals that you normally would not get until later in the game, but you can also make a Pal with a perfect set of passives.

If you breed the correct combination of two Pals, you will be able to get some of the late-game Pals, much earlier than when you would normally find them in the game! This includes Pals like Lyleen and Anubis.

On top of this, there are a few Pals you can breed that can’t be found in the wild at all. These are all variants of regular Pals, with one of them even being a variant of a legendary one.

If you want some examples of rare and powerful Pals you can breed, as well as what Pal combinations can produce them, you can check out our Best Pals to Breed guide!

Another great thing you can accomplish with Breeding is creating a Pal with a set of 4 passives you want, creating a perfect Pal for yourself! When breeding, the Pal you make can have any of the passives that its parents have — try to avoid breeding Pals with negative passives because of this. If you breed two Pals that have all of the passives that you want between the two of them, their offspring can inherit all of the best traits, making them much better than the one you would have likely found in the wild.

palworld lucky passive
The Lucky passive is good for both fighting and working, and can be found on Lucky Pals

While you cannot guarantee it, it is possible for an egg to have the Alpha trait when hatched. This means that if you’re lucky, your bred Pals will have the extra health bonus that captured Alphas will have.

The specific set of passives that you will want to work towards will depend on if you want the Pal in your party or at your base. Some examples of great passives for your party are Burly Body, Swift, and Ferocious, while potential worker Pals will want things like Motivational Leader, Artisan, and Logging Foreman.

A special passive, that’s normally exclusive to legendary Pals, is Legend — this amazing passive increases Attack, Defense, and Movement Speed, all in a single passive! While normally exclusive, it’s actually possible to give this passive to any Pal if they are bred using a legendary Pal!

Since every Pal can breed with any other Pal, there are a massive 18,769 possible combinations for breeding! This can make it very hard to keep track of how to make the Pals you want. To help with this, we recommend using this breeding calculator to figure out which Pal(s) you want to make, and then get working on breeding the best ones to match your specific playstyle!

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