How to Fight in the Arena – Palworld

Not only did the Sakurajima update add a whole new island to explore, but it also came with whole new game mode in the form of the Arena! This mode allows you to take 3 of your Pals and battle them against a friend to see who out of you is the better trainer. In this guide, we will go over where to find the Arena, and how it works.

Keep in mind that you can only use the Arena if you are playing in multiplayer mode, and if someone else is in your server with you.

The Arena can be found on a small island between the Eastern Wild Island and the Sand Dunes. If you go in between the two islands and head east, you will be able to see a large structure in the distance (as well as the light from a new Great Eagle Statue). Note that you will need to either fly or swim there.

palworld arena map
If you filled out the map prior to the update, then you will notice the new addition to your map

Once you reach it, activate the Statue, and you’ll be able to fast travel here whenever you want! The island is so small that the Arena is the only location here; there’s nothing else to explore in this area.

Once you and a friend are ready to go head to head, you will both need to go to the Arena and interact with the door — keep in mind that you will both need to be in the same server, as there is no way to battle players from another server.

Once you’re inside, you will pick 3 Pals to fight alongside you. One will be your main Pal — you will be able to activate their Skill and mount (if applicable). Meanwhile, the other two will use their Skills independently.

There are two different ways you can win an Arena battle:

  • Defeat the opposing Player
  • Defeat all 3 of the opponent’s Pals

You will have to see which objective will be easier for you, as you will have to adapt to your opponent’s strategy and the Pals they decide to bring along. It’s also worth noting that all of your ammo and consumables are refunded after the battle, so feel free to use anything and everything you have to win!

palworld arena fighting

There are no rewards for winning, but you will be able to prove who the superior trainer is amongst your friends. Get a good team and strategy, and have fun battling with your friends!

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