Palworld Teases New Pals Coming This Summer

During the IGN x ID@Xbox Digital Showcase, Palworld teased four new Pals that will be added to the game soon! Unlike the previous new Pal, Bellanor, it seems like these new Pals will be able to be found out in the wild.

Palworld New Pals

While the teaser doesn’t give us the names of the future new Pals or any details about them, we do get to have a look at them, and even see a couple of them in combat! From these looks, we can have an idea at what Types they may be.

As the frog Pal appears to live in a swampy area, and we can see it using a Water attack, it’s probably safe to assume that it will be a Water type. While many of the birds have been Neutral Type, we can see this new one using a Ground attack, suggesting it could very well be that Type.

palworld new pal fighting

The mushroom Pal will likely be a Grass Type being that it’s… a mushroom. Yes, we know mushrooms are technically not plants (fungi being genetically distinct from both animals and plants) The hardest one to tell from a visual standpoint is the Pal that looks like a monk. We do see it briefly using a blast that looks non-elemental, so this one may be a Neutral Type.

Something else that the trailer doesn’t mention is that it seems to tease new areas as well. Each new Pal appears in an area not seen in the game so far: a swampy area, a monastery, an area covered in giant mushrooms, and a forest full of cherry blossom trees. This could suggest that these new Pals are going to be released with a whole new island that includes these areas.

The new Pals are set to be released in the Summer of 2024. Along with the trailer, the announcement also says that they plan to release many new Pals in future updates. In the meantime, players can get their Pal Spheres ready to expand their Paldeck!

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